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TUSC conference 2012, London mayoral elections and the future

Today i attended the TUSC conference. For anyone who didnt know we are TUSC- trade union and socialist coalition set up 18 months ago to give working class people a voice and a alternative to the main 3 capitalist parties.

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TUSC is made up of the SWP and teh Socialist party as it stands with other independants affiliating too to use it as a banner to stand in elections against the cuts. All cuts. One of our unique selling points is the fact that we are different and do offer an alternative. A working class alternative which has not been seen on ballot papers for sometime.

The conference today was to discuss the past year of this con-dem government and what is next for TUSC.

There weer some brilliant speakers from the Socialist party and the Socialist workers party aswell as leading figures in the trade unions such as PCS and the RMT.

a very engaging discussin was had by all comrades and lots of tactics and ideas were shared. Some trying to offer a way forward others looking back.

But all in all it was a very positive conference with plenty to look forward to. Much of which i have previously talked about on this blog. SO do please look back over those posts if you can on TUSC and the formation of a new workers party, which we in the socialist party are firmly behind.

This is due to the fact we do not believe the labour party offers a solution for workers today. Not one Labour party run council voted against cuts this year and didnt even come close to discussing voting against the cuts.

So now as we learn nearly 43% of people now do oppose the cuts there is clearly the base there to tap into to build support within the working class which have no political voice at all today.

We do need a socialist being able to reply to the arguements being put by the main 3 capitalist parties and offering a alternative.

I myself am very much behind the idea of a new workers party as a point to base our struggles around and to lead the way.

In Greece right now the lack of a working class party to lead the struggles is one of the main reasons the working class resistance has not brought about a change as yet it is still the cuts coming through. The lack of such a party is very evident across alot of the Europe if not the world today.

The question is often put to us that the lesser evil is the labour party and we should back them. We disagree even when the Labour party was first formed back in the 1900's there were many who condemned it and said it'll never work and many stuck with the liberals at that time.

What rings true to me is that things can move very quickly indeed. I mean who can imagine just two years ago the Rupert Murdoch owned News of the World was Britains best selling paper now it is gone. Gone from our high streets and our homes. So things can change extremely quickly in times like this we need to be rady for any eventuallity .

We dont know for certain but this con-dem government could fall this year or next if pressure if put upon them so great splits appear. We need to be there ready with a alternative. As as we speak it would be the Labour party under Ed Miliband who would become our Prime Minister.

Much was said about the Labour party today. Not sectarian but truthful hard facts of all Labour councils pushing through cuts.

Workers will still vote for labour but only to keep the tories out. This is contiousness we are having to deal with. But if you dont explain to people labour are offering much the same as the tories and there is a alternative, a real socialist alternative then people will never break the habbit.

There is millions of people who dont even vote. Many ex labour supporters millions since 1997 which Labour still trumpet as their proudest year in recent times who simply do not vote for anyone.

They havent gone to vote for the tories or teh Lib Dems. They ahve stayed at home. Its these workers we can win overa nd draw in to the struggles as the situation intensifies .

OOne ofthe biggest debates to come out of todays meeting and differences are there between comrades on whetehr to stand for the Mayoral election next year where it is being billed as ken Livingstone vs Boris Johnson.

People will see this as a left v right fight but it is not as simple as that. Ken although we are being told to back him by the SWP as we want Boris out will do well to remember Red Ken's last time in office. There was privatisation on Thameslink and lots of jobs cut on the tube to name a few of his red credentials being blown apart.

So the question was asked do we as the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition or under a different name if Unions were to come on board with support, be that the RMT or PCS who are thinking of standing their own candidates possibly too.

My position is yes we definatly should. In London if you stand for Mayor your automatically mailed out in a booklet to all London residents who are on the voters list. This i a massive chance for us to gain publicity and get our message out there. There is an alternative and we can be that beecon for workers.

I certainly think although alst Mays election results were possibly not fantastic and we didnt win any seats we have laid down a marker for future push's on the electoral front. As at the time the cuts were just on paper now people are starting to see jobs going and services closing i do feel we would see a different result now and next year forward.
So lots of positive discussion today and lots of room to improve and move into a broader platform for workers to stand up and be counted.

The ruling class is on the offensive lets join them by taking them on and winning i say.

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