Monday, 4 July 2011

In the week the NHS is 63 years old fight must be stepped up to save it

SO on the 5th of July, tommorrow one of the greatest institutions celebrates its 63rd birthday.

But this is no time for sentiments as this fantastic organisation is under threat from this tory government . The planned health care reforms plan to open up the NHS to further privatisation building on what the last labour government started with their PFI schemes.

The NHS which is famous the world over and well known for its excellent free at the point of use health care.

Its staff work endlessly for long hours and poor pay in alot of situations.

The battle to save the NHS must be stepped up combining NHS workers in the public sector general strike in the autumn. There will be march's to save teh NHS but i think industrial action is needed now to save it.

I like many others value what a great service the NHS gives. Tories and the rich do not appreciate what a great job the staff of it do. This is down to the fact few of them use it. Most of the rich use private health care as they can afford it.

I worry that the ideas the tories have which was to end the National Health service within 5 years of them coming to power which is what one tory was quoted as saying before the election last year. I fear we will end up with a american style health care where if you need a operation or to see a doctor you must pay before you get seen.

This is not the sort of country i wantto live in where how much you can afford determines if you can and cant be seen and what standard of treatment you can get.

The NHS should always be free for all. It can be funded properly if the tax evaded by rich corperations is properly collected.

The NHS should be under worker control with no privatisation at all. It should be there to provide first class health care for all not to provide a service or a product which people buy into.

So i urge you all now who value this great instittution set up for the benifit of the many not just the few to stand up and defend your NHS.

In its 60 years of existence the NHS has undergone reform after reform by government after government. It is time we say keep your grubby hands off our NHS and properly fund it and keep out private money.

This was a organisation made by the people for the people, lets keep it this way!

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