Monday, 4 July 2011

What effect could a collapse or shrinking of the EU have ?

We hear it all the time. the collapse of the Soviet Union and the stalinist states and the falling of the berlin wall was the defeat and the last nail in the coffin for socialism . Despite this not agreeing with how we see socialism did have a major impact on the working class and contiousness around the EU.

WIth the invention of the EU and teh common market with us being up to 25 member states now and one of the biggest if not the biggest threat to the European Union on the horizon could a similar thing occur to capitalist ideas.

Well we'd like to hope so. With the possible defaulting of Greece likely to be the fire starter for this burning flame which will start to lick at the rich nations Germany, France and the Uk no doubt this will make the ruling class tremble with fear that their system may be on the brink.

I do not ultimatly think the EU will break up totally i do think it will have to shrink to survive though. I think there are two sets of countries, The stronger ones like Germany, France and the UK but there are several nations which havent been stable for some time such as Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Greece.

This is the biggest worry if Greece defaults and i do ultimatly think it will even with this new austerity package forced on them it will not be able to keep up the repayment on the debt.

So i feel Greece will have to leave the EU to stablalise itself and allow itself to control its inflation and defalation of their own currency.

But would a break up or a partial break up lead to a defeat for the contiousness of the ruling class. I would suggest not as such powerful capitalist nations are still there and still growing like China and the US to some extent.

We as socialists oppose the EU as we do not feel it is democratic at all with it being run in teh interests of the capitalists and teh ruling class that they represent.

Capitalism will find anyway of surviving in a way that is its greatest feature to survivie even if that be at the expense of the working class they do not mind that.

Thi is what we are seeing now the taking back of all the gains we have made over the last 75 years to refinance their system to go again.

One of the most worrying parts for me is that when the working class has been crushed and any workers contiousness has been destroyed and this has happened before then the capitalists can play workers of different nations off against eachother. This is how dictators and world wars come about. But i wont go there but just to say one of the ways capitlaists have got themselves out of a hole is by the building and creation of something. As we all know wars cost money but can also make money. The destruction of towns and cities will all need rebuilding so what a coincidence that would be that there is money to be made there.

This is a extreme example but a example all the same of the lengths the ruling class will go to protect their system.

After the second world war there was a huge growth in GDP due to us rebuilding much of our country. This did not ultimatly serve in the workers benifit but the money makers, the boss's as per usual.

Ok the working class may have recieved concessions at the time such as the NHS but these are only given out as and when the c apitalists can afford them and are worthwhile and can be profited from.

So a interesting time is upon us many factors at play but i'd sadly never underestimate how far the ruling class will go to protect its system.

The workers contiousness which was battered down after the fall of the soviet union that people like Margret Thatcher made out socialism was dead and a workers state cannot be achieved had a desired affect. But as we feel the pinch of austerity measures many workers will be wondering does it have to be like this ?

They will be lead to the writings of such great thinkers and socialists like Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky and feel inspired by their ideas.

From this we hope to gain a new generation of revolutionary thinkers which c an lead the prolitariat forward and beyond.

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