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Monday, 1 August 2011

America to join the austerity project of the ruling class around the globe

We hear today of the president of America giving in to the hard right the Tea party who demand hard deep cuts to cut the US's deficit and deal with their huge trillion dollors of debt.

President O'barma who was before using his stimulus package of tax cuts and investment in roads and transport projects has seemingly ground to a halt. The debt celling has been reached and the USA look like they will narrowly avoid a default on their debts as they will agree to raise the debt level for now.

But how ong will this last will they have to revisit this at a later date?

But what is clear now that President O'barma has put his neck on the line and looks to be agreeing for the need for deep savage cuts in public spending in america.

We all know this means austerity and if America is cutting spending too the rest of the world will suffer no doubt. This could however trigger a trade war with China who look to capitalise on this move by America. It is unclear what affect this will have on China it will be interesting to watch.

But what is clear to millions of working class people in America is that cuts to things like Medicare and help for the poor will be cut. All this just like in Europe and the UK to pay for the mess the rich ruling class has got itself into.

Capitalism will always find a way of surviving and more often than not makes the working class pay for something it did not create.

So ordinary working Americans must be prepared for large scale cuts in living standards and a drop in pay and jobs significantly. They must show the feeling of Westconsin where recently there has been mass struggles with unions and the police caving in and joining with the strikers. The struggles in Westconsin must be broadened out across the great nation and spread to every town and city. Only a mass collective action of the working class can push back these cuts and austerity.

Aswell as this ordinary Americans will need a political voice which they do not have at present. With Republicans and Democrats seemingly offering no alternative to cuts. Just like in Britain there is no mass workers party speaking for the interests of ordinary working people. A formation of such a party is needed in America to linking up with the international movement for the need for socialism across the globe replacing this horrible rotten capitalist system which has clearly failed.

Tough times lay ahead for all of us as i have previously blogged about but now is the time to resist and stand up to be counted. Its time to take sides and decide what kind of future world we want to live in. I know where i stand. On the side of the workers. do you ?

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