Friday, 5 August 2011

what do we mean by democratic workers control

You may have seen me use this phrase many times on this blog when describing how the commanding heights of the economy should be run. But what do we mean by it when us socialists say this.

We mean that there will be no boss's any longer the day to day running of a organisation all of the top FTSE trading companies the most profitable companies will be taken into public ownership. Not semi nationalisation like Northern Rock was to avoid it going bust and the government taking over part of it.

But a full scale handing of the economy to the people. To be used not for individuals profits and personal gain. No not at all. No one person will gain out of this but we all will as a whole. The profits made by companies will not go to increasing the wealth of a select few individuals but to improving society as a whole.

This may be in the case of the railways any charge or funding gained by the railways will be plouded striaght back into upkeep of the railways and investing in new technology. Never will there be excessive profits for personal gain and high ticket prices again. There will be fair fairs to start with and a good standard of service too due to the fact that more money can be spent on our trainsport infrustructure due to more money being available to not just be going to some rich owner.
The life line for all this must be full democracy at al times. A right to recall any individual who is seen to not be being fair and taking advantage of others and the system will be able to be recalled by the people at any given time. The marxist planned economy and the ensurance that no elected representitive be that from a trade union or a leader in any sense at all will only ever recieve the wage of a average skilled worker. Meaning that no one will gain inflated wages and this would be one step towards preventing careerism and keeping peoples feet on teh ground to represent those they have been elected to do so.

Of course all this would just be the first phase to moving towards a class-less society where the need for money and the exchange of money will disappear. I will reinvestigate this next step towards full socialism. The higher phase of socialism aka commonism as described by Lenin at a later date.

But this society where the wealth is spread out equally amoungst all will be a revolutionary act and a start of a better all round society for the many not just the few. We all live on this great planet and its resources are being drained by capitalism but it doesnt have to be this way at all.

Many just feel that reforming capitalism will result in a social justice and fairness but this clearly shows a disregard to marx's aanalysis of capitalism and its contradictions that the boss's will always come back for more and to take back what they have given over as concessions to the workers this is a fact and has been proven to be their ways of doing things.

There is enough wealth and resources to go around for all if it is divided up equally. This is my vision of socialism and how i'd like to see things go in the future. Its the future i'm fighting for and hopefully others can join the fight with me too.

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