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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The "thought police"

I have been reading George Orwells excellent book 1984 which was banned in America for a time as it was thought to be so contravertial and explain too much the ruling class decided. Well as well as a fine book it got me thinking as many booksl ike this do.

In 1984 which was George Orwells vision of the future of when he wrote his book in 1948 cleverily turning the two last numbers around 1984 was meant to be the nightmare vision of the future that Goerge Orwell had invisidged . In the book there are such people known as the "thought police" who are there to read your mind and stop the workers falling out of line. They are thre to make sure they do not start thinking of revolutionary thoughts or wanting to change things.

This reminds me very much of today in many ways. George Orwells book has often be credited with how true his predictions of the future were quite often and this idea of a "thought police" seems quite relevant today. Where we see young and disenfranchised youths of today roaming the streets rioting and talking of causing riots. Of course investigations are still on going but the "thought police" would not be out of place today where people are arrested before they have committed a crime just because they have thought of committing a riot or a public disturbance.

All this is apparently in the name of public safety. To me and other socialists this seems like state oppression going too far where the government are stepping beyond their role of protecting us by enforcing the law before it has even needed to be.

Take the guy who was given a 4 year sentance for talking of going to a riot on facebook. Huge sentances and totally disproportional . But this is all seen as fair game by the ruling class in the on going class war they are currntly carrying out on the working class.

Of course we do not condone riots as a legitimate form of protest but i believe it is a fundemental human right the right to protest. Civil disobedience and peaceful protests should be allowed. Of course we do not condone violence but we can on the other hand fully understand the anger and frustration of these young disconnected youths who feel they ahve nothing to loose by rioting and gets them attention to their issues.

But the role of a police in all this has been utterly contemptable the way they have pre arrested people in the name of inciting a riot and arresting people even when a riot hasnt even happened is just goign too far in my book.

So we should always be careful of the ruling class and the tactics they will use to protect their system and their way of life. At any cost sometimes using the police and agent provocutuers to infiltrate a movement to divide and rule us.

George Orwell was a excellent writer and i fully recomend people to read his materials if they can get hold of some. The man is famous for his fine work and should be well respected and preserved.

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