Monday, 8 August 2011

Tottenham riots, time for a working class candidate in 2012 London elections

After the violence and the discontent in North London and other parts of London last night. With seemingly all polititians being completely out of touch. Including Labour who have not put up any resistance to cuts. Cuts that have lead to youth centres and youth funding being cut. Disgracefully there is a lot of handringing from them but we cannot let them off the hook. Due to their lack of opposition and just passing on the cuts local communities like Tottenham have felt very hard doen by by these cuts. Lets not forget this is only the first year of 5 certain years of cuts. There could be even more after that too depends what happens in 2015.

But i really do think now despite our differences on the left we should withouta doubt field a candidate under the name of Trade union and socialist coalition against cuts. A true left candidate with working class backing would give people in the pareas like Tottenham a voice and a banner to unite under. A sense of belonging and a understanding can develop as local trade unions can link up with youth projects and youth groups to bring young disenfranchised people back into something constructive.

We do understand their frustration. we really do. But rioting is not the answer unfortunatly. The anger and frustration is totally understandable and will only spread under this system of capitalism .

So as TUSC we would not just stand to divide a labour vote of Ken Livingstone we would stand to try and win. Not to just remove the tories from office as Labour wish to do but to be a beacon to workers to unite around a new workers party fighting for socialism and a change of society.

Of course not in one city can this change the whole face of Britian much like in Liverpool in the 80's the militant influenced councillors could not put through real change as they were isolated to just one city. So the call must be to spread this out right across the whole country.

Just imagine what affect this could have on the whole labour movement if a socialist fighting for trade unions and working people won in London. Under the governments nose the confidence that would create would be huge.

We all know next years election will be posed as Ken vs Boris but Ken Livingstone has a record not fit to be proud of either. He is known to be pro privatisation and almost had his way with the London Underground. He is not a true representitive of the working class and a true left candidate would be great if we can get one i feel.

As this last weekend has shown people will take things into their own hands if a clear alternative and a way out is not shown. The inaction of a labour party who see it fit to pass on cuts and say they have no choice will not stick for much longer. people are getting angry, really angry and if they will not fight they will have to be removed for people who do i'm afraid.

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  1. Thank god of all the labour sites to day common sense at last. Problem is of course Labours now the party of the middle class the squeezed middle class it's not the party of the people in Tower Hamlets or areas of such depravation, according to labour they ended this by making millions of jobs.

    That's what labour have informed me they made London a target area for employment, and they really believe this rubbish.

    we have MP's stealing from their expenses and getting away with it people like the left winger we are told Purnbell flipping more times then he can remember. Banking bonus payments, Police officer resigning or being arrested for taking back handers.

    I love Lammy who has now slightly changed his stance but sadly is so far out of touch of the anger of the young.

    All they have left is to riot, I was involved in riots when I was on strike with the miners in the 1980's the same time as the riots in London.

    We live in a country in which the well off are chased by New labour and Newer labour and the people at the bottom the sick the disabled the poor the out of work are seen now as scroungers.

    I spent from 1963 to 2005 in the labour party what a wasted time and money