Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fed up with the labour party selling you out, come to the TUSC conference this weekend

This weekend the 28th of january we will be making the short trip down to london to visit the conference for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition. With recent mfurther moves to the right by the labour party even more to the right than they already were accepting al the cuts and saying they cannot reverse any of the tories cuts which is absolute nonsense of course they can if they wanted to.
The poll tax was made law and was still defeated and later reversed by mass civil disobedience .
So if you are fed up with the labour party and on the look out for a alternative to this mad system of greed before need please join us this saturday
TUSC Election campaign Conference Saturday 28 January 2012,
11:00am – 4:00pm, University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY
11-00am to 1-30pm: How can local councillors fight the cuts?
Cllr Dave Nellist , Michael Lavalette and Nick Wrack to speak for ten minutes each, followed by a ‘Question Time’ format discussion, to try and answer the many questions that are continually raised around this issue and introduce the draft local elections policy platform (appended below).

2-00pm to 4-00pm: Organising an election campaign
Maxine Bowler, Hannah Sell, and Pete McClaren to speak for ten minutes each, followed by a general discussion from the floor – but also giving people a chance to ask any direct ‘electoral law’ type questions that they may have.

Last week we got a phone call from a woman in east London…She had picked up one of the TUSC ‘where will your vote go?’ postcards from a street stall. She wanted more information about what we were and what we stood for. She was desperate that the Labour Party had ‘let her down so badly’. We sent her the TUSC leaflet setting out our policies and she sent a text the day she received it: ‘I have read the TUSC flyer and it lifted me. If only the policies could come to fruition.’ She hopes to come to the conference on 28 January and has asked us to send material to a friend who was also interested.

Which is excellent news. More and more will be looking for an alternative as events change peoples contiousness. A grand speech can win some over but you will never win over everyone but as events unfold in the coming period and capitalism fails to deal with its inner contradictions people will start to ask the question, is a different society possible ?

and we will say yes it is! a socialist planned economy based on peoples needs.

But firstly we need more than ever a new workers party. It is vital that TUSC starts offering that alternative right away even if very small initially it will provide that pole of attraction for workers desperate as the lady above clearly was.

I saw a statistic that the labour party has lost hundreds of members since Ed Miliband and Ed bals have squared their arguements and agreed fully with the tories. We would say they did anyway they only disagreed with the speed but a lot of people still felt labour was against the cuts to some degree. Now they are found wanting people will come out with anger, confusion, frustration and panic in some cases as people will feel no one is there to fight for them againt the brutal onslaught of the cuts.

We saw last night the labour party voting with the tories to support a cap to benifits and this is just the start of labours route to regaining so called credibility . If by credibility they mean attacking the poor, trade unions and working people well the trade unions and working people and any good socialist in labour would be better off out of that party.

Its time to pose the question what do we do now.

Saturday will hopefully see a good turnout and a few questions being answered by our comrades hopefully growing support for this years coming local and London GLA elections which we may see some interesting results.

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  1. The Labour party now want to cut benefits in poor areas and raise them in rich areas.

    This means that poor people in the North will get less money than those in the South AND less than those in Scotland (thanks to Labour's botched devolution).

    Why do people in the North continue to vote Labour? They are not the party of the poor and haven't been for decades.