Thursday, 5 January 2012

overtime, the quiet plan for profits for the boss's

Overtime is a idea which has become far more popular than ever. Some companies i know will have made staff redundant yet still get their existing staff to do overtime. Its maddness i tell you. But not as far as the capitalists are concerned. They rely on our surplus wage value to make their profits and overtime is no different. It is a way of adding value to a workers labour and getting away with paying them less than they should be. As Marx explained most workers who work a 8 hour day will have earned their wages within 4 hours. The rest of that is what the capitalist gets. Not only the profit from the product or service produced but also the wages that the worker does not get. There is a constant battle for that surplus value to be increased and this can come in the form of overtime, threats to work harder or incentives to work harder and faster.

But overtime which i'm focusing on here is something which has come to light in a recent TUC survey and research. I must say one of the better things teh TUC do some good solid sound research into the labour market and workers conditions. Its what they do next or not do i have the issue with. But there we go but in terms of overtime it has been found Last year workers gave bosses 2bn hrs of unpaid overtime-equivalent of 1m jobs-enough to eliminate youth unemployment in affect

This is staggering and not a mention of this by any of the major political capitalist parties. I wonder why ? maybe as they support this form of exploitation and gain by the rich ? But this sort of statistic when there is over 2.6 million people currently unemployed in Britain is a disgrace overtime shouldnt even being thought of when there are people desperate in many cases fora job at all.

The TUC says workers donated £29.2bn to economy thru 2bn hours unpaid overtime that is a huge amount. Where would those capitalists be without this sort of figure ? The fact that the boss's will use such tactics is further evidence that the ruling class will go to any lengths to get cheap labour power as a comodity as it is a comodity to keep their cost of production down to maximise their profits. Everything a capitalist does revolves around the motive for profit. I think we need to keep taht in mind when looking at the decisions the capitalists take and the polititians in westminster and Washington who support this rotten system.

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