Friday, 6 January 2012

Where has working class pride gone ?

On twitter a guy i know quite well has been trying to start a trend with the tag #workingclasspride as we feel the idea that you can be proud to be working class and accepting of your class in society is not a bad thing.

Why am i saying all this you may think ?
well for years various polititians new labour and tory have been trying to convince us that we're all middle class now. The idea that you can progress and buy your own home and move up the social mobility ladder has been brought well and truely by many that they are not working class any longer.

I have news for them. Many will realise in the upcoming period that they are not as middle class as they think they are. As this crisis of capitalism deepens and we hit recessions and stagnation over years of slow growth or even contraction many people including those who consider themselves middle class will see their take home pay fall and their living standards slip.

But why is there this stigma about being working class ?

Owen Jones teh author in his brilliant book Chav's highlights it correctly. The working and lower class's have been demonised and pushed from pillar to post so it is seen in the media and everyday society now that it is something to be almost ashamed of to be working class and earn a low wage and get by.

Of course many people are still aspirational but for many that reality of moving on in life and out of being a worker is something the vast majority of us will never realise.

Only when the class based system has been abolished will we see people having true social mobility and being able to fulfill their true potential.

But for the ruling class's including successive governments distorting and masking the fact that more of us are working class than we care to know has worked well for them so far. To convince people they are doing ok and they have little to complain about has worked up till now. But as i say things will change. We are currently going through a transition phase i'd call it where people are starting to realise their potential power as a class. This will take a long time i feel but the opening up of struggles on the industrial plain with strikes and workers action will concentrate many peoples minds that we are the 99% that keeps the 1% going. Not by choice but by nature of the capitalist class based system which keeps us in our place.

But this hash tag on twitter we came up with is great it gets people thinking what is good about being working class and how we can start to feel a sense of solidarity and pride in who we are and face up to the realities of the class system. Only by doing this can we realise our full potential.

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  1. Great idea. I wrote lengthy blog on this a few months ago Stand Up Say It Loud, I'm Working Class And I'm Proud, which followed another blog I wrote entitled "Why We Need A Tomb Of The Unknown Worker"