Sunday, 1 January 2012

Towards socialism, taking workers with us

As you may know on this blog i talk alot about socialism and marxism and so forth but we can often forget that not all workers we are aiming to win over get this and we do always have to remember as rerevolutionary socialists where we are and where the class is in its contiousness. At present we are at a very low form of class contiousness and a even lower socialist contiousness. Many workers do feel something is wrong, some even say so. But as far as an alternative goes very few workers have any idea what there is. Many still dont tag the current crisis up with capitalism. These are all the tasks and challenges we are left to tackle as marxists. To get amongst the working class and firstly find out where they are. What their concerns are immediatly and support those concerns whatever they may be. Extra pay, better working conditions or extra holiday time whatever it may be. We will always support workers in struggle with the boss's just because we see a alternative way of running society and reject the current system does not mean we will stand by and let workers get hammered by the boss's, quite the contary we will lend our support and resources as should the labour movement to fight for working class reforms out of the boss's. But at all times we must be raising ideas that reforms will never be enough that when the boss's grant us a concession with one hand they will look to take from us with the other.

This is why we as revolutionaries are constantly looking to popularise ideas of a better world, a farier way of running society for the majorities needs rather than a select few's personal profitable gains.

The reason i've taken up socialism and marxist ideas more in the last few months is the realisation that we do live in a deeply unfair world and it is deep rooted in inequality that is built into this system we live under and it needs changing and it can be changed.

But as we talk to workers in struggle of all levels of contiousness we must be careful and aware to never preech to workers not to patronise and offend. We are fully aware that we are the most advanced layer of contious workers and have already made the conclusion that society needs to be changed into a different order and capitalism is a bankrupt system. But not all workers currently agree with this. They may feel agrieved that their job is on the line or that their pay is being cut but this may not be enough for them to drawn the same conclusions as us, the marxists. But only by fighting alongside these workers in struggle for a better world which by nature all workers are compelled to do we can explain our own ideas the ideas of Karl Marx and Leon trotsky in a everyday situation and the idea that this doesnt have to be this way at all.

Having a open dialog with workers in struggle is the key to a revolutionary parties success. Being able to gauge the current feeling out there with workers and interveen where we can with the correct ideas is crucial i feel. As the socialist party with lots of very experienced comrades in struggle their experience will be crucial the idea that history does not repeat itself but can certainly be learnt from is key.

Popularising marxist ideas and ideas that can win over workers with a program that can appeal to those who are looking for an alternative will be important in this coming year and i feel that we must and are prepared for this and i am hoping we can win many more over to our ideas if we can.

But we must always be keen to show a empathy and a humility that we do not know it all. We have a good analysis and a correct program but we cannot be with this and look to ask workers themselves what they think first and foremost aragant . We must look to take the class with us if we can not look to lead it from out in front. Being apart of the class struggle but raising socialist ideas all the way will be key but never preeching and dictating our own ideas. Of course being passionate with our ideas and forceful like we expect others to do when countering our own ideas in a comradely way as a clash of ideas in the labour movement is a constant battle for the correct program to win out. We feel confident workers will find our ideas appealing and be drawn to our ideas in time. But let us not be that worker that turns them away but welcomes them with open arms. To take us forward for a fairer society and future for the many not just the few.

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