Monday, 16 January 2012

The role agitation can play in the class struggle today

In the early days of forming a movement of which we can say we are in today the early signs of a fight back with the trade unions finally stepping on the scene some may say and i'd agree took them long enough. But in these early days it is important to raise ideas of a change in society with people.

Back when capitalism was going through its "boom stage" we found it hard to convince workers that this system cannot meet all of your wants and needs and ultimatly a crash will come which is enevitable under capitalist boom and bust.

But these days where a heightened increase of the class struggle and many commentators in the media making claims of a "class war" and other such like the ideas of revolutions in the arab world the idea of a change in soceity has become mainstream once again The idea that the occupy movement has coined slogans such as we are the 99% and capitalism is crisis are just two of what i have picked out of a change in contiousness out there among people.

You cannot tell me that these sorts of slogans and phrases would have been being talked about on radio phone in shows and television 3 or 4 years ago. Ever since the banking crash of 2008 the world has changed and we will never go back to that place.

For revolutionary socialists like myself who have drawn the conclusion that capitalism is a deeply unfair system and we need to change society todays plain is still a tough place to convince people of our ideas but at least we can highlight examples of exploitation and greed in society. The widening gap between rich and poor to a wide gulf is having a impact on people and their thinking. A certain layer of workers have arisen from a long long sleep if you like and are currently in a mass state of confusion. Many blame MP's, The labour party and now the tories others less informed like to play the race card and blame the lack of jobs to a imigration issue something of which i will blog more on tommorrow and the dangers that can entail.

But certainly as marxists with ideas of how the system of capitalism works and trying to further understand it ourselves through the ideas of Karl Marx relating those ideas to todays issues is becoming easier in one way but harder in another due to peoples confused state they are waking up from.

Many know something is wrong and something has to be done about it but few have drawn vague socialist ideas as yet many just simply feel the world is not fair and getting worse.

We agree, but we have a programme a alternative that can help move us on from the position we find ourselves. It is known as the transitional programme which we apply to every step of the class struggle.

Getting in and amongst workers and being involved in their daily struggles, making their fight our fight and our fight their fight is a key to keeping in touch with current contiousness and having a influence on such a contiousness,

Being able to explain our ideas in a comradely way a friendly and welcoming fashion will attract workers who are desperatly searching for a alternative to this mad rotten capitalist system.

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