Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Solidarity on international workers day happy may day to all

On the 1st of May around the world workers are uniting together to stand together on international workers day.

Otherwise known as May Day. In Britain there will be many rally’s marches and events held to celebrate this day where we can feel our strength and unity together as a collective force.

Fewer and fewer times we get to feel this feeling. I felt it last year on November 30th where 2 million workers took strike action that day. The labour movement hasn’t fully realised its power for sometime I hope this is about to change.

The power working people have when we unite is huge. One of the greatest movements there is when workers get up off their knees and fight back against their exploitation.

With the crisis of capitalism deepening everyday let’s remember we are far stronger united than divided lets fight every attempt to divide and rule us by the ruling class. We are far greater in numbers but let’s unite on grounds of our class all races, genders, ages, sexualities and religions. We are all workers and all want a better life for the human race.

This May Day let’s remember those workers who have given their lives to the struggle for a better society a fairer world and a world free of injustices.
Let’s double our efforts to fight for a socialist transformation of society putting peoples social needs first.

As Karl Marx prescribed workers of the world you have nothing to lose but your chains, workers of the world unite!

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