Tuesday, 1 May 2012

This weekend don’t let the racist far right EDL shut down Luton!

This Saturday the English Defence League come back to Luton where they claim they were founded but in reality they have been going for years in some form or another be that the national front or the BNP or anything.

It is vital as many anti racists and anti fascists turn out for this counter demonstration as possible to say no to the EDL and to not let them shut down Luton.

Last year was a bit of a farce with the whole town turning into a lock down with all shops and houses in the town centre being bordered up and a complete police shut down you couldn’t get anywhere near the EDL and they couldn’t get to you a huge police cordon was in place. This year we are hoping we can march to St Georges Square which is the main square in the centre of Luton.

The counter demonstration for anyone interested in coming to protest against the EDL will be meeting and assembling at 11 am at the meeting point on Westbourne Road in Luton opposite the mosque there.

We will not be holding a stall or selling papers as this is not the sort of demonstration for tat we need to be proactive and mobile incase anything does kick off. It probably wont do but we need to be ready to move quickly.

It is important we oppose the racist vile EDL with their divisive tactics of dividing the working class. We as socialists take a strong line against racism and have always had a proud strong record on tackling racism. We will confront it wherever it is.

Those new members entering our ranks who may not have pure views to start with are to be educated and brought along not put down at the end of the day we are all workers and need to be trying to unite as a class to take on the ruling class. Whatever race, gender, religion or sexuality you happen to bewe are all workers and we are stronger united. We need to be making the case for a opposition to to austerity bolder and louder in the absense of a mass workers party anda labour movement unwilling to oppose all the cuts and take up the fight against austerity in a big concerted way.

It is left to individual activists to fill the void and offer that alternative. Which must place a emphasis on a mass house building programme of affordable homes and a campaign for decent socailly useful jobs for people. Uniting workers on those lines and fighting for common goals such as jobs and housing is a clear way of cutting across the racist views of the likes of the EDL.

We cannot let far right organisations portray themselves as pro working class or in opposition to what is going on by putting a racist tinge on things. Its not acceptable and this Saturday the local labour movement is going to mobilise the best it can with others joining us from across te regionand beyond to oppose the vicious lies and views of the EDL. We need to send a strong clear message the EDL are not welcome in Luton or any of our towns and their sick racist views are anti working class rather than pro working class they only wish to divide us for their own ends. They will not succeed!

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