Saturday, 12 May 2012

TUSC has room to grow

With the recent local elections I’d like to say this can be and I’m sure will be the greatest period of growth for TUSC if the lessons are learnt and put into practise.

Rugby TUSC which I see personally as a shining example has made huge inroads into keeping their vote up and doubling it. If any TUSC branch or future TUSC branch wants an example to follow look no further than Rugby TUSC with pet eMclaren and his comrades heading up a fantastic anti cuts fight. A lesson we can all learn. Work in-between elections are absolutely key in my view. Not being just seen as politicians which we’re not of course who just want your vote and only call round at election time is not the route we want to be going down.

Building a TUSC branch in your area should be the objective and I fully believe this can be done. With socialist party and SWP comrades in most areas there is no reason why we cant form branch’s of TUSC and lay the base for a new mass workers party which can challenge labour in the ballot box, on the picket lines where labour are rarely seen and in amongst the working class where many are now looking for a alternative to labour.

I firmly believe if TUSC hold their nerve and all who support it hold their nerve and double our efforts and raise the name we can start to see major breakthroughs in the coming period.

With the capitalist crisis only going to deepen a party and a coalition like TUSC can really make big gains if it plays its cards right. Forming branches and being seen as always alongside workers in struggle is key if we are not we open the door for others to be seen to be.

TUSC is serious I believe in attracting new layers of workers and existing workers to the banner of TUSC. I am optimistic for our chances going forward and the campaign for a new workers party is gaining support and influence certainly within the trade unions such as the RMT and beyond. This period we can cease for ourselves if the right ideas are put across and the right lessons are learnt by all.

The most important part is putting those theories into practise and making sure we are seen wherever workers turn to struggle as they are likely to in the coming period.

TUSC can be that vehicle for working people if it plays its cards right let us be that banner to win workers too. As a step towards a new mass workers party with socialism as its aim.

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