Sunday, 13 May 2012

We can’t work any harder!

News today of William Hague telling us that we all need to work harder is quite frankly an insult to all working people. To all those who are working very long working days already 10 or 12 hours at minimum wage . Who does he think he is?

What a disgrace I know people who have 2 or 3 jobs and still struggle to make ends meet and yet this old tory wants us all to work harder.

The Tories as has been known for some time are completely out of touch. With big business sitting on an estimated 750 billion pounds refusing to invest as they do not see a profitable outlet is keeping 2.6 million people on the scrap heap.

The government claim there is nothing they can do but it’s down to the private sector to get us out of this recession. This has not and will not happen as the capitalist system has reached a point of saturation where the possibilities of investment seem very few and far between from a capitalist’s perspective. But this is the reason the government are trying to privatise a large part of the public sector as such as the NHS could be very lucrative for private business to get their teeth in to exploit.

But the outrageous claim that we all need to work harder is an absolute disgrace while the rich sit back and rake in the profits for doing sod all is just not right.

I would suggest the nationalisation of the commanding heights of the economy and taking these big business’s into public ownership run by the workers for the benefit of the many not just the few. Relaying on entrepreneurs and the like to get us out of this is folly we need a mass creation of socially useful jobs with an emphasis on public works for the benefit of us all not just a minority of very rich people at the top.

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