Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Support the strike for fair pensions on May 10th

This Thursday there is a strike day. You may not know much about it due to the media being controlled by the capitalist machine. But workers are still fighting back. Trade unions in the public sector are continuing the battle over pensions and this dispute is not over by a long way.

The PCS, UCU, Unite in health, UCU and the RMT are all involved in strike action this Thursday and they need your support.

With Unison in health rejecting the deal on pensions narrowly they too may be re entering the battle over pensions but we will have to see how that one pans out as Unison say they will not be taking further action. Mass pressure from below can change this of course.

But the 10th of may can reignite the pension’s battle and give hope and confidence to workers that a fight back can win and we can force the government back around the negotiating table.

The labour party have made it clear they do not support the strikes and haven’t supported any strike in this dispute they say they would rather there not be a strike. I’m sure all those losing a day’s pay would rather not have to be forced to go on strike but are left with no other option but to withdraw their labour to defend their pensions.

A group of trade unions have launched a joint campaign today called 68 is too late a joint campaign with the PCS, UCU , NUT and Unite stating that 68 is far too late to be working till and is in fact a danger to people I mean do we really expect our brave hard working fire-fighters to be still putting out fires at 68 they will not only be putting themselves at risk but others as a result it’s a silly idea when young people can’t find jobs.
I’d suggest letting elder workers retire earlier and with a decent pension, the money is there and allowing younger workers a chance of a job which many so badly want.

But may the 10th will not be as big as November the 30th last year due to some unions unwillingness to continue fighting seeing strikes as damage limitation rather than a plan to win real concessions. We must publicise and promote the day as widely as we can contact local media if an event is happening near you and getting coverage where we can. Letting people know there is an alternative and the same fact that we are being made to work longer, pay more and get less still applies. With contributions actually coming in now public sectors workers are feeling the pinch from now it’s time the battle gets serious and a long concerted campaign was waged against this government of millionaires.

So please support the strikes, as we all deserve a fair pension whether your in the public or private sector.

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