Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Imigration in the UK and my views

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As a young active voter imigration matters to me and to others in this country

On this issue and probably this issue alone i vear towards the right a little in this political view, please dont stop rading as it is not extreme at all. In fact it is standing up for the true british white, working class.

A section of the british people who have been totally forgotton about i feel in recent years. Lets look at the social housing market, council housing. Although at the moment we can look at it and see thatl ots of white british young teenage mums are getting council housing this is not exactly the case. I dont want to appear racist as i am not at all. but there is this thought in a lot of britain that Labour and any potential government cannot ignore that the white working class traditional british are being over looked in favour of new imigrants be it from eastern europe or elsewhere.

I use eastern europe as a example mearly because of the recent mass influx of eastern europeans into the Uk in recent years.

I for not one moment am suggesting imigratin is a bad thing, of course we must take waht is good about these new people to our country and use them in the best way we can. THis includes getting them into worka s soon as they can and getting them paying tax as soon as we can. I wouldnt mind guessing due to large amounts of imigration, a lot of it unfiltered or monitored during the last 5 to 10 years can account for a lot of money going out of the econemy to keep these people alive and in a safe place. If we could somehow transform these people who have arrived here from far away into good british citizens and prepare them for work of any sort this could alliviate some of teh bad feeling towards this part of society.

I unlike a lot of labour voters will never be scared to stand up and recognise this problem we encountered during our time in office. We cannot ignore this issue and run from it. It happened under our government so we must feel partly responsible. Even if we were not totally to blame. The EU have a lot to answer to aswell i feel too.
Another problem i woudl love us to tackle which does unfortunatly i hate to say this agree with David Camerons broken Britain idea. The reason a lot of white british people are not finding work and the newly moved in imigrants are findign work is simply they want to work and the british do not want to, or not at least for the pooer wages. A question to you all, how can we promote and encourage british workers back into work, even if it is not the greatest work but it is a wage, jobs that otherwise the imigrants would fill i'm sure of it. maybe this could be anotehr way of getting our econemy back on its feet, avoiding huge cuts. Labour people, if we can get british workers back in to work, even if it is the lower end jobs, if it is in place of imigrant workers i think we should do this. Imigrant workers will soon see that the british want their country back and want to work for us again and work our way our of this financial mess. Could this be the key to it all, solving crime by getting the lower class's and working class's back into work by prioritising british workers over foreign workers fora few years at least just to get people in this country working again and off the dol. surely even if for a little while getting british workers a better deal in work than on benifits will save us huge amounts of money.

I am sure and so are many that the good british citizen wants to work and will work very hard, ok the wages they can get are not the best on lower end jobs and foreign workers will work for that money instead, maybe instead of raising wages at the lower end we could give companies who would like to employ british workers again a tax break of a few percent, as a incientive to encourage british workers back into work. even in the smaller end jobs. It woudl not be forever as they would be given chances to move up the companies to better themselves.

As a Labour supporter i bring in fairness now. I would bring back fairness to the system by reincluding british workers and the good british public in the system, for a number of years now they have been forgotten about, on housing, jobs andother public services, british people will once again gain a say under my vision for Labour in the future. If british people are given the chance and turn it down then the newly welcomed foreign imigrants are then given a chance. I feel labour will gain back a lot of votes if we branch out to key british voters who feel they have been left behind some what in the last few years, at least offering the chance to include them in the system properly again will maybe bring a lot more voters back to Labour, If we can get it across to them that we are really on their side once again. Listening, just as Ed balls said in a recent interview, we must reengage and listen to the public, every part of them, even our very own flesh and blood.

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