Monday, 26 July 2010

Spin and Burn

Reading the political blogs and comments from today. I am still amazed at how the tories are getting away with the ruthless public sector cuts. Very deep and harsh. A few months ago this was just a fear, a fear has now grown into reality and this time next year our econemy will be half way to ruin i'm sure of it. With rising VAT and lowering of housing benifits amoungst some of the harsh cuts this country will see for decades.

The title of this entry, sping and burn is to highlight my phrase i read in a earlier blog. I dont remember its name but the way the tories are using the Liberal Democrats almost like human shields to get their hard hitting cuts through is just frankly sickening to see.

If i were a lib dem supporter i would feel very worried at the way my party is being manipulated by Nick Clegg and his high up right wing friends in the party. I really think for this coalition to last the full 5 years the liberals will want more out of the deal. At the moment they are being used by the tories and seem from what i can tell happy to go along with this.

What the lib dems should be worried about though is the current polls, they suggest they currently stand on 13 percent of the poll with labour jumping up to 36 percent. The tories meanhile continue to extend their lead somehow. I still dont think the true effect of these cuts and tax rises have been felt yet. Give it till next year and we will have alot moer unemployment, more people claiming unemployment benifit and the tories will be wondering where the money will be coming back into the econemy after they have taken so much out. The fact of the matter is that whilst cuts and cuts have been going on they have not stopped to think how they will bring the money and the jobs back into the econemy.

These are worrying times indeed for me. As a benifit claimer myself, on DLA i am worried that this will be cut to innocent people who had no dealings in the banking crisis. I ask people again, why should innocent good tax paying members of the public and public sector have to foot the brunt of the bankers crisis of which they had nothing to do with. This just doesnt seem fair.

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