Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Life and its trials and tributions

Well life can through you some curve balls sometimes, i think you just got to tackle them head on, which is what i will be doing come friday. I have the dentist again and as anyone who knows me i do not enjoy the dentist, some of you do which i cannot understand at all lol. I have never enjoyed this nessesatity in life. but if it keeps my teeth all well and good. I am hoping to arrange a catch up with my good friend Joe, who i have known for a few years now. i met him by chance at college while having lunch one time at a weekend. Joe is a genuinely great guy, i think he is so down to earth and has a heart of gold. If anyone deserves happiness this guy does, he has shown me the light and shown me that certain people are just not worth trusting in this world, even when i chose not to see it for myself, how foolish i turned out to be. i wish i had listened earlier i maybe wouldnt have been so silly now. But that is life we all make huge sometimes irreversable mistakes in our life, god i think i could write a book about mine. but we wont go there, our mistakes i firmly believe are what make us who we are. If we dont make mistakes we never learn and if we never learn we never progress. I'm afraid i've made some stupid mistakes in my life so far but i feel i am a better person for it though. Do many of you feel the same though ? however bad you have been hurt ? i think i can accept where i went wrong and know what i'd do differently now if given the chance. Some people live their lives in regret, i dont if i had the chance to apoligise to certain people i would, as i cant i cant but i know in my heart of hearts i did my best and always cared.

That is all for now, its been a busy summer so far, with cricket match's i have attended, new groups i have joined, new adventures and new friends i have made. all good in the grand scheme of things. considering earlier i didnt feel so good i am feeling a lot better now i have shared this blog.

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