Saturday, 24 July 2010

my trip to the houses of parliament

Hello and welcome to another edition of my blog, i hope by now people are enjoying this somewhat, it would suggest by my 1 follower this is not the case i hope i'm not boring you all. if i am please tell me and i'll blog about something else. This is my blog to take wherever i like really, i have focused in on my recent political life but it can litterally go anywhere.

This entry is not a political one as such, but does involved a political visit of sorts to the houses of parliament in London today. Westminster.

Today the 23rd of July was my first visit and hopefully not my last to the grandest building i feel that this country has to offer.

The houses of parliament for the United Kingdom in london Westminster. I have been looking forward to this t trip for a very long time. Finally it came today.

I went up with my friend Will and met my other friend Stephen Anderson up there already.
Will and myself had travalled up earlier in the day and had visited the old cabinet war rooms just behind downing street where Winston Churchill made all his key world war 2 decisions.

This in itself was very very interesting and i enjoyed this just as much i would say. gave me a real feel as to how the war would ahve felt for high up ranking officials at that time. scarey just like the rest of us would have felt i'm sure of it.

SO today i got to look down downing street and ask the police and securitya few questions there, sadly we werent allowed down there, maybe they knew i have it in for the coalition so i wouldnt be welcome down there i do not know lol.

But as for the tour of the houses of parliament we had a scotish tour guide guiding a tour party of about 20 people.

I had previously booked this trip with my local MP , Mr Mark Prisk MP for Hertford and Stortford. Mark's secterary was very helpful in this visit and arranging this that i will have to email her to say thank you i am sure.

As for the tour i enjoyed it. we got to visit the Lords and the commons and various other rooms of amazing importance. Just the grand scale of the building, despite my sight loss i really go ta great feeling for the place. The houses of parliament are steeped in history and everywhere you turned you got a real sense of waht it must have been like to work ther and carry out your daily duties in and out of offices there.

Sadly we never got to meet any MP's no labour ones either sadly but we asked some great questions on the toura nd i leartn a awful lot i must admit. My favourite part of the tour would be standing at the dispatch box in the commons and standing what would be facing the speaker and standing on both the opposition seats and the government seats, somewhere i hope my very own Labour party can return to one day.

All in all i really enjoyed this tripa nd is oen i will not forget in a long time. London as ever was busy and bustling, i always love going up there, even the undergound for me now is fascinating and not a fear at all anymore. I used to shit myself at the thought of the tube but now i relish it and find it all one big adventure.

I am glad i went and i hope i get to return one day to the commons.

Thank you for reading and i hope to blog more about this trip later over the weekend in further detail if i can. If i dont and am too busy i do apoligise in advance. I try to blog as much as i can but time this week has been at a premium

next week should be a little less busy

thanks for reading if yuo do.

Please dont forget to link this blog to other blogs you feel would link well to this if you do read this. if not why not ? i will be blogging about all sorts over the next couple of months so please stay tuned.

anyway bye for now

take care


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