Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the liberal democrats in the coalition

Hello and welcome to another blog post. This post may sound like a bit of a attak on the liberals and i'm sorry if you ar a supporter of such, i'd love to take you up on a debate about your principles and the future of your party.

From waht seems to me a lot of liberal voters and supporters are blinded by power and the chance to get their beloved party into government.

The main question i want to ask you from this post is, is it all worth it ?

I really do believe despite waht the liberals say they have well and truely sold themselves out to the conservatives.
I recieved a responce to my email to Simon Hughes MP earlier and he was saying why he thinks this budget is liberal and fair. well i'm sorry simon i think you are sorely mistaken, is a rise in VAT a good thing for all, is it fair to all ? no it isnt it is a regressive tax which hits the poorer in our society the hardest.They can blame labour all they want but at the end of the day these are just excuses shooting over your shoulder at the last government to make the public feel its right what you are doing. In reality the polls suggest the liberals have taken a right battering. In some polls it shows them with just 13 points and labour just 2 points behind the tories.

As labour are the only party truely national with seats and major representation in all parts of the United Kingdom i think they are right to stand by their principles and be the true party for fairness.

Yes we made a few mistakes here and there but the recession was caused by the banks and them lending too much which people couldnt pay back. There was a credit crunch and they had no idea how to get out of it so ended up coming to the government to ask for help.

Like any good government they tried to help as much as they can to avoid a complete collapse of the banking sector. So in affect the bankers are the luckiest proportion of people i stil think. Even today they are still giving eachother ridiculous bonus's even though it is frowned on now.

Vince cables idea of the carrot and the stick approach of threatening the banks to start lending again is just complete foolishness in my view. The banks have no confidence and feel that they are treading on egg shells all the time with customers. Untill they can see the econemy starting to grow again and people starting to spend its no use Vice having a pop at them over not spending when they are being heavily scrutinised.

In my view it was the banks that got us into this situation in the first place so should be the ones who should foot the majority of the bill for getting us out of this mess. It was not labours fault or Gordon browns fault at all as leading tories would have yuo believe. they only tried to remedy the problem. This is a global crisis started in America and swept around the globe, You simply cant pin all of this mess on labour and Gordon brown i'm sorry i rather think Gordon did a excellent job despite what people say, we could have been in a far worse position if he hadnt done waht he had done. Even today he still regrets not spotting the signs sooner but who in say 2005 could have seen this coming ? i know i certainly couldnt.

So please dont believe the tories old mantra that we are just as bad as greece and all this scare mongering tactics, which in my view is a very dirty ugly form of politics, to scare your electorat into voting you in to get these barbaric cuts through. If the lib dems have any form of principles left inside their weak wet souls i suggest they try harder and work closer with labour on certain things, i know this may upset the coalition apple cart slightly but would they rather stand up for true fairness and progressive futures in this country or hang on to their limo's and fancy job titles in the government where in my view they shouldnt even be with just 52 seats it still doesnt seem right to me.

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