Monday, 18 October 2010

The media and their relentless attacks on benifit cheats

This article i had to blog about

it hits the name on the head when it comes to how i feel. I am not for one moment suggesting benifit cheats should not be gone after, they should. But

and this is a big but.. i'm registered blind as many of you may or may not know. Registered as disabled, i claim disability living allowance fiarly and squarly. I dont claim for anything i shouldnt. I have just paid back over £1000 in over claiment, in a purely honest mistake of being at a resedential college whilst still claiming. I found out just as i was leaving college that i was not meant to be getting this extra money. I was never told of this and i'm sure many others have made the same mistake.

The issue was the care part of my DLA was meantt o go to the college, as i was in residential college and got all things paid for whilst i was there. This was fair enough and i notified the DWP who set me up repaying the money over time.

I have no issue with this at all. But i cannot stand how the media and certain political bloggers like to group us disabled people, most of whom are totally honest and up front with their claiments as benifit cheats. I find this unfair and often offensive. I understand the deficit needs to be cut but why do the disabled and less well off have to suffer at the expense of wealthy tax dodgers and over paid and risk taking bankers.

Is it because the disabled and the less well off are easy target ? are we less likely to kick up a fuss?

well let me tell you Mr Osbourne, Myself and many others this wednesday will be taking to the streets of Westminster to protest against proposed cuts in disabled benifits which could ultimatly cost lives.

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  1. They do it because they can get away with it and it panders to the nasty 'I'm alright Jack' concept that has developed within British society.

    Good on you for going out onto the streets of Westminster.