Tuesday, 26 October 2010

not believing the tory spin on the GDP figures


This latest news from the news today stating that the UK's econemy grew faster than expected apparently by 0.8 %, this is nicely over looked by the fact that this is a slowing of the growth from 1.2 % under labour in the second quarter of the year. The tories main media sources have come out this morning all guns blazing letting us know this has seen off a double dip recession and that this is further excellent news their austerity package of cuts is working.

I would just like to say i do not believe a word of this. The fact is growth has slowed under the condems. This is sure to worry George Osbourne as with the countries growth slowing even before the cuts have truely hit, has got to be a concern for government ministers surely ?

Wading through all the spin that even the bbc have gone with today growth is down on before and i still dont think the government can be sure their plans have worked.

Lets just wait and see i think 2011 will be a crucial year as when the cuts start to hit home and jobs will be lost. lets see how much growth we get then shall we...

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