Wednesday, 27 October 2010

should ed focus more on a alternative rather than PM q's ?

today this me memo to ed miliband leaked in the times

describing how to go about tackling david cameron in pm q's this to me looks as though ed is focusing far more on these 6 questions a week more so than finding a credible alternative to the coalitions plans for cuts. This to me looks a tad embarrasing and no surprise David cameron siezed the chance and took him to task on this. I think the memor i have not read it myself told ed to focus more on short snappy questions looking for more humour and sharp witty comments. but why would you look to emulate david cameron, taht is the tactics he uses i thought. basically it looks to me as the labour supremes at the moment are focusing ed's thoughts more on this half hour weekly slot of questions rather than putting out alternatives to waht the government is doing. Untill we start to formulate a real alternative rather than just saying we oppose this and that cut and not saying what we would do instead we will remain looking a little toothless i'm afraid to say.

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