Monday, 25 October 2010

will labour side with the unions?

Hi i have just come back from a meeting tonight about the cuts in stevenage, i am begginging to wonder about labours position on the cuts, will we side with the unions and create a movement agaisnt cuts, similar to the likes we saw agaisnt the poll tax in the late 80's ?

or do we carry on ed's course of sticking to the centre of british politics alienating the unions further and ourselves even more. do we oppose every cut or carry on putting our cuts out there, which to be fair would have impacted on people the same way, or do we believe our cuts would have been fairer ? i am still in favour of a robin hood tax that takes more money off the banks and spreads it more equally amoung the less well off myself. That is a socialist view of course but do we not need a bit more socialist values pumped into this political system ? i think we do.

i think there is a growing movement within unions to change things. i can feel it coming, the tories are running scared but if they dont reconsider this is what will happen i am afraid. The people will fight back, not litterally but take the protests to the streets. Over 20 thousand marched in scotland last weekend went largely unreported and the same in london, bristol, lincoln and birmingham. This will only grow as the cuts deepen.

my question is which side do labour sit now, are we with our friends at the unions are we on the side of business's we need to be sure.


  1. I wrote a similar blog earlier tonight about the FBU strikes. I was surprised about how openly opposed some elected Labour members are to working people striking over having their contracts ripped up.

  2. i am with you mate, i think we could do more within labour to support the unions and waht they stand for, too many labour members take the unions and their funding for granted, i certainly dont and will be supporting the strikes.