Sunday, 10 April 2011

Education for the mass's not just the ruling class's

We are always learning from the day we are born till the day we die. Life is all about learning and learning well.

SO when the coalition government decided to treble student university tuitian fees thinking that the universities charging 9 thousand pounds would be the exception not the rule we all thought here we go again.

Today we find ourselves in the situation of nearly every university in the Uk charging 9 grand a year for its courses. This is due to the fact they have to charge the top rate to cover the gap in funding that has been cut from the higher education budget.

For myself who has spent a lot of time in education and still involved to a extent whilst i'm doing my open university course in social sciences i can appreciate how important a education is to people.

I could really understand the students anger last year on the demo's planned by the NUS who's handling of it all was pretty slow and sluggish in my view. But they had huge demo's with students putting the lib dems who they thought represented them sold out their pledges to vote for raising of tuitian fees.

No wonder so many students feel let down by this political class. The people like Nick Clegg and Vince cable and Simon Hughes should be ashamed of their actions. Worse is Simon hughes who obstained and couldnt even vote agianst the bill how spineless. It still must be very raw in the youth of todays minds and many students minds too.

I personall feel all education should be free for all. The price that a country spends on investing in its youth and students it will reap in the long run. Take Cuba for example where education is totally free there is a lot of very intelligent people who come out of Cuba and are very talented.

I do feel if the balance of the economy was adressed and wealth was redistributed fairly under a socialist society that education would be able to be free and peoples education would be deamed a very important asset to a country and its people. After all your skilled workforce is only as good as they are due to the education they have recieved i believe.

Another thing which i feel is totally unfair is private schools in this country. The likes of Eton where alot of the current tory party have progressed through is full of filthy rich kids and they are so isolated from the rest of society no wonder they grow up not understanding the way the rest of us live. So i do hope and think that if we ever do change our society and the economic power is shifted and distributed a lot more fairly then private schools will be abolished and made a thing of the past.

Private schools encourage elitism and are bad for society as they produce a them and us feeling which is not a fair way of thinking.

The fact that many private school are able to register themselves as charities and recieve charitable funding is just plain wrong in my opinion. The reason why so many who go to private school go on to do so well is that they are already half way there. Attending a school like Eton is that leg up that working class kids do not get. Working class students can still make it to the top dont get me wrong but we are seeing a far narrower market now which is increasingly being filled with privately educated people from a rich affluant background.

This is not a tory own issue most of the labour front bench in the House of Commons have been privately educated so a party taht was always rooted in the working class have been infiltrated by a political elite from a middle to upper class background.

As the title of this blogpost suggests i want to see education for the mass's not just the ruling class's. I want to see a good comprehensive schooling system where there is opputunities for working class kids to succeed. I think this can happen by abolishing private schools and making things a fair level playing field for all .

As at the end of the day i feel we have to be moving towards educating people to better society nnot like today where the sole purpose of education is to prepare you for work which is fair enough but it is to bring them through to make more money and become a part of the capitalist system sadly. I think in older life more people learn for their own enjoyment and to further their knowledge but when your younger it is all about working hard to get better grades to earn more and more money. It is still a money drive education system which under a socialist society would work in the opposite direction. Where you would learn for yourself but also to better society and for others too.

Nick Clegg last week was doing a speech on social mobility but untill the balance of power and wealth isnt just concentrated just with a select few at the top social mobility will continue to be a struggle for working class children. It is quite hypocritical of Clegg though to be lecturing us on social mobility when it was his party who campaigned against the rise in tuitian fees yet when in government with the tories went against all that and also cvoting to scrap the vital EMA grant which helped many working class students obtain expensive books and school equiptment aswell as ensuring they could afford to get to and from school. So how he feels that he is now in the position to lecture us on social mobility i will never know.

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