Wednesday, 27 April 2011

In defence of Alfie Meadows

Alfie Meadows sustained brain injury having been struck on the head with a baton by a Metropolitan Police officer at a protest about tuition fees on 9 December 2010. That assault is the subject of an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, (IPCC). The IPCC are also examining the decision making process by the Metropolitan Police Service which led to Alfie and other young people being placed at risk of significant harm. It is anticipated that the IPCC investigation will conclude shortly. Yesterday the Metropolitan Police charged Alfie with violent disorder. Alfie strongly denies the charge and will plead not guilty.

He fell unconscious on the way to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where he underwent a three-hour operation to save his life.

As his mother said at the time, Alfie Meadows was not getting involved in any rioting, but merely trying to leave the police kettle.

And yet the Metropolitan Policeannounced yesterday that he will be among 11 people charged over the 9th December event.

The news release says he is charged with violent disorder contrary to Section 2 Public Order Act 1986.

It is a sentence that carries a maximum sentence of five years.

I personally feel this is outrageous and am shocked not more has been made of this. the poor guy came within a inch of his life after being struck over the head with a police baton on last years student demonstration. The guy suffered bleeding to the brain to to the extreme force of the hit. I really feel for the guy and his family who must have almost thought they lost their son a few months ago.
So now we hear Alfie is to be charged with violent disorder. Well too right he is pleading not guilty how can the police officer who did this to him get away with it with no investigation or enquirey.It seems to me coupled with the arrests of the UK uncut protesters protesting peacefully occupying shops avoiding tax is a drive to clamp down on legal protest in this country.

I dont want to speak to soon of course but it does feel that we are turning into a police state where the police can use whatever force they like on our innocent protesters.

Of course if protesters are violent i do not condone it but i have no reason to believe any of these who were arrested and since charged were.

There is something in this country we call a right to protest i do hope we are not seeing the end of this by this vicious right wing government.

I send my thoughts and solidarity to Alfie and Edward Woollard, 18, who joined protesters who stormed the complex that houses the Conservative party headquarters in London on 10 November.
The A-level student, from Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire, will serve half of the sentence in a young offenders' institution before being eligible for release.

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