Monday, 11 April 2011

Why france is wrong to ban the burka

In britain we pride ourselves on being open and tolerate people. We are a wide diverse nation with so many different cultures living alongside eachother in somewhat harmony.

The news that France is this week to bring in a law banning the muslim garmant the burka saddens me persoanlly. I am not french of course and their laws are their laws to see fit to do waht they like with but i do feel this is a sad bit of news.

The arguement is over safety and security ever since 9/11 and the Madrid and London bombings muslim garments have been slammed for being too secretive and a security risk.

French polititians argue that we need to be able to see peoples faces at all times. This is to identify people i think this is all well and good but this is their religion and something which is very personal to many women.

In the muslim culture women are not forced to wear a burka but it is their choice they if they do. Due to the predatory nature of men and the lure of the se xual desire wearing a burka can ease their fears of being attacked due to the way they are dresing.

In the UK many young women dress very provocatively which is their choice but there is a arguement that due to the way they dress this attracts men and those sorts of men who will take advantage of their innocence which is of course is wrong. I can see both sides of this arguement myself but feel a all out ban on the burka more than being unforceable and unworkable is the law bordering on telling a religion and its people how they should live.

I think we should be careful to not go down this road in Britain too as this will anger many in the muslim communities who feel very proud of their traditions and their lifestyle. We do not want to give rise to far right groups like the EDL or the BNP and try to drive these people out of our country so whilst i feel that banning the burka in France is wrong and the law goes too far in trying to enforce what people wear i feel in Britain we will not go down this road due to our liberal nature of the country.

We should embrace all our various cultures in this country and celebrate them for their each eindividual uniqueness. That is why i love Britain so much the way we are so tolerant to other faiths, religions and cultures. We of course have our own and that must never leave or be abandoned but we can add to our own by appreciating others.

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