Friday, 1 April 2011

Workers united, we'll never be defeated

So as the chants went on March 26th by many workers as we marched through the centre of London and the west end. Workers united, we'll never be defeated. I even heardt his being sung in spanish too from a group of latin americans against teh cuts. Much international solidarity was there on the big TUC march. But this chat that kept coming from the protesters rung true with me. It is a quote from Karl Marx and his famous commonist menefesto and is still true to this day. Workers have nothing to loose but their chains they must break free.

I think the only way we are going to stop the cuts and defeat this government is by keeping united as a working class. I know lots of people on the internet call for left unity i dont believe that is ever going to be possible with the left so fragmented but certainly class unity is possible i feel. The way the tories are using the media to focus on these cuts as a private sector vs public sector scenario is trying to set workers against eachother. It is a very clever old tactic that does seem to work to a degree. The old rule of divide and conquer is what the ruling class's like to use to disperse any anti feeling springing up within the workers.

The stories in the media of gold plated pensions in the public sector and the media highlighting how the public sector have apparently had it easy for years and trying to draw comparisons with the private sector at the same time. It is very unfair i feel and it is designed to draw divisions in our ranks.

The role of trade unins is important here to draw the gap between public and private sector workers together. As at the end of the day we aer all fighting the same cause against the same managers and the same ruling class. Whether you are a private sector worker or a public sector worker there is no doubt in my mind our jobs are all under threat. The government and their drive for cuts are coming for all of us. So to keep together in these times supporting others in teh work place when they feel they'd like to take industrial action and make a stand. Lets not leave anyone in this movement behind and feeling isolated.

The tories are dead scared of the power and the numbers of the trades unions. Even though we are still at 7 million when they do organise like last saturday showed we can be a force for anyone.

Why else do we think the tories have been planning for months for scab's and strike breakers to be brought in in the even t of mass strikes from the unions. They have been after this battle for a long long time.

I feel it is creaping up on us but the movement must not splinter and divide we must keep united if we can. The idea for a one day general strike as long as its not phrased like that and 4 or more unions i'd suggest the ones outside of the TUC wil be first to act as they have more freedom we must support their every action. These are peoples jobs here on the line and the cuts are going to affect us all.

Divided we can easily be picked off by the tories and their masters the city financees but united we can not be brought down easily.

As chris Baugh assistant general secretary of PCS who spoke at our anti cuts meeting last night rightly predicted that we imagine that the tories will be looking to make a example of a union who tries some major strike action so we must be careful to always support any union and its members wanting to take strike action. In this country we have some of the most dreconian anti trade union laws in Europe even tony blair said this under new labour. He wanted rid of the unions from the labour party and his party to become a little like the democrats in america are like. Thankfully this hasnt happened as yet but there is still a big anti union feeling from the right of the labour party amoungst blairites and the like.

So as we prepare for the summer and teh cuts starting to bite as we enter the new financial year we must stand with our comrades in teh trade unions and their members wanting to take action to defend their jobs, pensions and rights. Lets not be divided as a divided working class is easily defeated. Lets learn the lessons of the pasta nd keep united as a movement.

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