Thursday, 28 April 2011

royal wedding exposes the protection of the capitalist system

So if your anything like me you'll be completely fed up to the back teeth of hearing about the royal wedding tommorrow. Dont worry i'm not going to gush over it like the capitalist press have been doing for months now ever since their engagement.

But what this event does do it exposes the royals as a position above democracy. They cannot be removed they sit above all polititians living in a world of the rich and famous. The elite for want of a better word.

Yuo visit royal ascot on the day of the royal visit and there is a certain feel to it of upper class meritochracy that you can smell there. Having never been there i wouldnt know for sure but i can make my own mind up.

Now i'm no royalist as you have probably guessed. I'm a socialist and feel that the royal family- the monarchy is thre just like the police force to hold the capitalist system in place. It is as if they cannot trust polititians to not get too powerful and try becoming a dictator.

It is a complete distrust in the country and its people to have to hold it back from this. America for example has never had a monarchy but yet has never had a dictator as much as we like to think of George Bush as a nutter he was democratically elected sadly. Also royalists use this arguement of tourism and it boosting it. I frankly do not buy this one at all as America has no monarchy as i just stated yet it has no issue with attracting people there for tourism does it last time i checked.

But if you can wade through the media clambering over themselves to get pictures and reports from the big day as they are calling it you can tell that they are trying so so hard to distract us from what teh tory government is currently doing trying to rip our welfare state apart and take us back in time to the dark ages.

If the royal family care for its people so much why does it never interveen when it doesnt agree waht is happenin to its people. For example it stood by and allowed Margret Thatcher to go to war with the labour movement and the working class in the 80's selling off a whole load of our industries and great institutions . The royals never get involved unless something affects them which it rarely does. They sit there on top of the system they represent and dont mind to see the working class made to pay for crisis after crisis of the capitalist system as at the end of the day they will always get paid for by the good old tax payer and no one bats a eyelid.

But as socialists we oppose the monarchy as they are not democratic and do not contribue to society. Just like in the Russian revolution the monarchy was one of the first sections to go when the workers took control of the soviets .

But the media coverage of this which ahs been so wall to wall has exposed a truth to me that the royal family are part of a different class and they will always look to protect their class interests to any length.

They must be abolished and not replaced but replaced with a socialist society with workers and working class people controlling the commanding heights of teh economy and sharing the wealth to the many not just the few as we have now.

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