Sunday, 24 April 2011

How long will the coalition last ?

Is a interesting question i think. The question was addressed in todays Guardian here

It raises the idea that DDavid Cameron holding all the cards close to his chest could break away from the lib dems and call a snap election in the autumn to gain a conservative majority.

As i've blogged about before i think the coalition government is very weaka nd can be brought down with careful planning. But would a labour government be ready for a snap election ? i think not. Labour are trying hopelessly to rebuild and have no policies what so ever but just one that sticks to their cuts agenda which is slightly less than the tories.

But i cannot see labour getting in if a snap election was called i can only imagine a tory majority which i think cameron would love. But how would this come about ?

would Nick Clegg jump ship or would he be pushed.

we hear reports that Nick and Dave are no longer friends. You culd have fooled me but whether this is staged or not we wait to see. If you find careerist polititians like this sickening this will not interest you but as it will effect us all in some way it is interesting to see waht happens now i feel.

Whatever happens it does re-enforce th need for a left of labour new workers party no more than ever to take advantage of labours right wing cuts agenda to provide a clear workers program fighting for a real left alternative with socialist principles.

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