Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The power and corruption in the beautiful game today

So as we sit and wait to see if the FIFA presidency elections will happen or not with just one candidate standing. The current president Sepp Blatter we are left wondering what has happened to our beautiful game many of us lovea round the world today.

The main reason for its corruption and downfall i place firmly at the feet of big rich greedy businessman. The game is not run by real football people or fans anymore, instead rich hungry and greedy business people.

The fact that rich billionaires like Roman Abramovich at Chelsea can play with a football club like chelsea and pull his money out whenever he likes is a fine example of how unstable and badly run football is in this country.

I follow my local side Stevenage FC who have just gained promotion to League 1 in England. We dont spend much and gate prices are very reasonable to be honest. But for premiership fans paying £40 + a game is all too much for many working class fans.

The fact that football is prodomenatly a working class game for the workers to enjoy at the weekends has faded considerably. The game is now far too expensive for workers to enjoy going to games with their mates at weekends.

Our solution as socialists would be to introduce workers run football clubs. Alittle like AFC Wimbledon where there is no big businessman running them rather the fans all own a part of the club and help fund this.

I do think fan ownership is the way to go with football clubs with many clubs facing tough times and this would prevent many going to the wall.

The fact that football clubs can get away with big debts and just reforming under new owners is wrong. They if they want to run like a business should be treated like one not given special treatment. All this would not have to happen if workers and fans ran the clubs in a democratic fashion making no profit from the ownership only reinvesting in the everyday running of the clubs.

This way all fans who wished to attend games could do without being priced out of attending. The prices would be fixed at a affordable rate for all fans and workers to enjoy their own beautiful game.

As far as FIFA goes i see little hope for them. Unless it is inspected and a proper inquirey is held ridding it of its corrupt nature i cannot see the organisation changing anytime soon.

Again with FIFA if it was brought under international fan ownership and run for the benifit of the fans and workers in a turely democratic fashion i am sure much of the corruption could be rooted out with a transparent looking at the books and how money changes hands.

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