Tuesday, 21 June 2011

practise picketting a way of raising class contiousness ?

So next thursday up to a million public sector workers will be walking out on strike over proposed changes to pensions and pensin contributions.

Well for many the idea of going on strike will be a new and daunting idea and something they would have no idea what to do. Many will have confused and often wrong ideas portrayed through the media of a strike and how one is organised and works.

Many older comrades in teh trade union movement who have been t here and seen it all have suggested as a idea to help boost workers confidence to arrange practise picket lines.

Where in a lunchtime before the 30th of June workers can be lead out the front of the workplace and set up a practise picket.

This worked very well under a recent Unite strike in Manchester and was very successful.

At a recent TUC trades council building conference at the weekend which was very labour centric from what i heard. But Bob Crow did get to speak and was fully in favour of this idea. He even suggested that workers might be so inspired and boosted by this sign of solidarity they may not wish to return back into work.

I think this is a excllent idea and gets workers who may not ever hav taken any industrial action in their life up to speed with trade unionism and class solidarity.

It is a chance to breed a new generation of militant workers who understand how trade unions should work. Ideas like this will put further pressure on the likes of the TUC and Unison to back mass action come the autumn.

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