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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

shameful Labour Mp's urged to cross picket lines on June 30th

As activists and workers prepare to strike and protest tommorrow in what will be one of the biggest show of working class industrial action in many years. we hear news of Labour MP's being urged to cross picket lines to still go to work tommorrow.
Labour MPs will be expected to cross picket lines during Thursday's public sector strike, the party has said.

A spokesman for leader Ed Miliband said Labour MPs would "come to work as normal" in Parliament despite a pension strike affecting up to 750,000 workers.

David Cameron taunted the Labour leader over the issue in the Commons, saying he could not raise it as he was "in the pocket of the unions".

Mr Miliband has criticised the strike but did not mention it at PMQs.

Asked whether Labour MPs would cross picket lines outside Parliament and other public buildings, a spokesman for the Labour leader said they "will be coming to work as normal".

The PCS Union has said some of its members who work inside Parliament, in roles such as security staff, will picket outside the building.

This is utterly shameful and should be flagged up and condemned in my view. How on earth can they call themselves standing for working people if they 1. wont support the strike and 2 show complete disregard to striking workers by crossing their picket line.

Labour members should begin to wake up and start to smell the coffee at the way their party acts today. As i've said before they do not represent workers at all and should be ditched in my view.

In our view as socialists we believe in teh formation of a new workers party to represent the views of ordinary workers and trade unions who have no voice no longer.

If people have any illusions in labour standing for them or workers this sort of news should ring alarms to them i would hope. Look around you and look where your labour party is now and who they represent. It is not you sadly.

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