Sunday, 19 June 2011

why we take a international outlook in terms of socialism

So it is often asked why do socialists take such a interest in foreign affairs of their comrades abroad . Well as Leon Trotsky correctly pointed out the revolution to socialism must be linked to the working class across the world if it is to succeed .

Many deformed workers states such as Cuba and the old stalinist USSR had many benifits to a planned economy and towards the end they were proping eachother up.

Amoung many critisisms of these two single state socialist models it is often said by many socialists that these could have been built on needing a further political revolution reaching out to neighbouring nations and uniting the working class over national borders. As to the working class there are no nations. National borders are no more than invisable lines often there to preserve a capitalist interest be that to do with oil or a military base.

But to the working class we have no nationality, we are all the same class whichever border you are on. We all more or less face the same oppressors - the capitalist ruling class which hold us in place to preserve their own system.

As Lenin rightly pointed out a revolutionary movement and feelings in one party of Europe can influence the oppositie side of teh continent. Much like now where we are wittnessing the magnificant struggles and uprisings of the Arab Spring across North Africa and the Middle East this is having a influence on the struggles of the workers in Greece, Spain and even Italy there are rumblings of unease. This is down to the fact across the EU which is in a turmoil of a economic failiure of the common market. It is a failure of the market and capitalism as we know it. I really do feel the EU will begin to break up much like the USSr began to break up when stalinism was defeating itself.

All there is to ask will the downfall of something like teh EU which lets be honest will be a huge blow to the capitalists and the ruling class will this shake them to their foundations much like the ideas of socialism were pushed back in the late 1980's and early 1990's. We can all but hope as socialists wanting to see the end of this rotten capitalist system and a move towards a democratic workers socialist state.

But the fact for any socialist revolution to really spread this must be across borders and throughout cultures with the working class joining hands to over throw the capitalist unfair system.

For each country does not possess all of its resources that it requires to function alone much like with a capitalist system there can still be trade between nations to get waht they need. Much like when Cuba and Russia had to ship eachother oil to survive while trade embargo's in place by America unfairly due to their fear of their commonist ideas.
This of course will be workers controlled with no profits going to rich owners. This is all party of our vision for a planned economy.
A planned economy based on the need to spread the wealth to the many not just the few.

We in the socialist party are part of a growing international as it is known the CWI. a collection of political partys and organisations spread across 40 odd nations which share our ideas. We believe this to be nessesary due to the need for a international outlook across the world. Spreading our ideas in just one country will have no impact world wide we need to have parties and organisations interveening in struggles and confrontations in these more local disputes. From these we can learn from eachother and build towards a socialist world.

Here is a list of the different political partys across the world that are involved with the CWI that the socialist party of England and Wales are in formly Militant.

The following are the sections claimed by the CWI.

Argentina - La Chispa (The Spark)
Australia - Socialist Party ()
Austria - Sozialistische LinksPartei (Socialist Left Party, )
Belgium - (Flemish) Linkse Socialistische Partij (Socialist Left Party) / (French) Parti Socialiste de Lutte (Socialist Party of Struggle)
Bolivia - Alternativa Socialista Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Socialist Alternative) ()
Brazil - Liberdade, Socialismo e Revolução (Freedom, Socialism and Revolution) ()
Canada - Socialist Alternative
Chile - Socialismo Revolucionario ()
China - China Worker (News and Analysis of Workers Struggles in China) ()
Cyprus - CWI Cyprus
Czech Republic - Socialistická alternativa Budoucnost (Socialist Alternative the Future) ()
England & Wales - Socialist Party of England and Wales ()
France - Gauche Révolutionnaire (Revolutionary Left) ()
Germany - Sozialistische Alternative (Socialist Alternative) ()
Greece - Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist Organisation ()
Hong Kong - Socialist Action
Iceland - Sósíalískt Réttlaetisflokksins ()
Ireland - An Pháirtí Sóisialach / Socialist Party ()
India - Dudiyora Horaata (New Socialist Alternative )
Israel- Ma'avak Sotzialisti (Socialist Struggle) ([2])
Italy - ControCorrente ()
Japan - Kokusai Rentai (International Solidarity )
Kashmir - CWI Kashmir
Kazakhstan - Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan ()
Lebanon - CWI Lebanon ()
Malaysia - CWI Malaysia ()
Mexico - Socialismo Revolucionario ()
Netherlands - Socialistisch Alternatief ()
Nigeria - Democratic Socialist Movement ()
Pakistan - Socialist Movement Pakistan ()
Poland - Grupa na rzecz Partii Robotniczej (Group for a Workers Party) ()
Portugal - Socialismo Revolucionario (Revolutionary Socialism) ()
Québec - Alternative Socialiste (Socialist Alternative) ()
Russia - Rossijskaja sekcija Komiteta za Rabochij Internacional (Russian Section of the CWI) ()
Scotland - Socialist Party Scotland ([3]), CWI platform in Solidarity (Scotland) ()
Spain - Socialismo Revolucionario
Sri Lanka - United Socialist Party ()
South Africa - Democratic Socialist Movement () (formerly the Marxist Workers Tendency of the ANC)
Sweden - Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (Socialist Justice Party) ()
Taiwan - Taiwan Socialist League
United States - Socialist Alternative ()
Venezuela - Socialismo Revolucionario (Revolutionary Socialism) ()


  1. We are now witnessing the fall of the United States empire, where capitalist pigs were protected from necessary regulation and proper tax structure. Thanks to the so called Ayan Rand principles, her blind follower Greenspan has tried to protect the markets themselves from recessions which are the necessary corrective mechanisms for excesses in any economy.

  2. Thanks to the aynrand teaparty capitalist extremists Middle-Class America, Fading Fast

  3. IN THE U.S. DISMAL ECONOMY WE HAVE IS DUE TO Extreme Capitalist Darwinism > ONLY THE FITTEST SURVIVE. Those who cannot OR DON'T WANT TO compete MUST NOT SURVIVE to reproduce; they must be expelled from the gene pool. Modern capitalism is economic Darwinism carried to the extreme