Friday, 10 June 2011

Union shop stewards reject Cables anti trade union threat

National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) 5th Annual Conference - 11.30am-4.15pm, Saturday June 22nd - South Camden Community School, London E10 9DE

On Saturday, over 400 shop stewards and union reps will be sending a message of defiance to ConDem minister Vince Cable after he warned unions about more anti-union laws to restrict their activity. Cable suffered heckles from outraged delegates at this week's GMB conference as he lectured them about not joining the June 30th strikes against the government's attacks on public sector pensions. The NSSN will be using its 5th annual conference in London to prepare rank and file workers to build support for the 750,000 workers from the public sector unions PCS, NUT, UCU and ATL who are now balloting to take strike action.

The NSSN will be voting on a motion encouraging its supporters in unions not yet balloting to push for strike ballots so they too can take action later in the year. The conference will also be supporting trace unionist who have been victimised by their employers for trade union activities. These include Arwyn Thomas the London Tube driver. His union the RMT has just called strike action to demand his reinstatement.

Other speakers include RMT President Alex Gordon, PCS President Janice Godrich and Apostolis Kasimeris a member of the Executive Committee of the Union of Public Transport Workers in Attica (Athens and Pireaus region).


For more information, contact contact Rob Williams NSSN chair:

Telephone: 07816134690


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