Sunday, 19 June 2011

A tribute to Brian Haw a inspirational peace campaigner

Sadly today we hear of the news that Peace campaigner Brian Haw has died Brian who had been suffering from a long term heart condition sadly lost his life last night. Brian who many will remember was the guy who since the start of the illegal wars in Iraq and Afganistan .

Mr Haw, 62, set up a camp in London's Parliament Square in 2001 in protest against UK and US foreign policy.

In March 2011, a High Court ruling obtained by London's mayor forced him to move his camp on to the pavement.

In a statement posted on Mr Haw's website, his family said he had died on 18 June in Germany, where he had been receiving medical treatment.

They said Mr Haw, from Redditch, Worcestershire, passed away in his sleep in no pain.

'Courage and determination'

An additional statement on his website from his campaign representatives said: "Brian showed great determination and courage during the many long hard years he led his Peace Campaign in Parliament Square, during which it is well documented that he was relentlessly persecuted by the authorities which eventually took its toll on his health.

This guy sums up what true determination and campaigning is all about. staying to the task till the very end. His courage to fight to campaign against the foreign policies of successive british governments and campaign for peace is admirable and i feel personally he should have a statue or a plaque or something to help us who campaign for the same goals of peace and freedom for oppressed nations to remember him by. He would have wanted his message to continue and i hope the spirit of teh anti war movements is continued.

One of the things Brian would have loved to have seen is the bringing to trial of the likes of Tony Blair and George Bush who in his words were war criminals and need to be brought to justice for killings of thousands of innocent iraqi's and afgans.

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