Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The bourgeoisie and their weakness's

As socialists we fight day to day in the class struggle which i have detailed about previously on this very blog. But the eternal class enemy the rich also known as the Bourgeoisie as Karl Marx taught us are not as strong or united as you are lead to believe.. We as the organised working class also known as the Prolitariat as Marx described have huge power if only we'd realise it. The Bourgeoisie are as i have previously explained only interested in increasing and making more profit. They are as we might call today the 1 % of the population we the workers on the other hand make up the rest which is the 99 %.

But we are lead to believe the rich are a very stable class and are very strong and united. That is very wrong as we see today the coalition government working for the interest of the capitalists with the tories and the lib dems this is not a united strong government at all. Quite the opposite. It is probably one of the weakest governments we have ever had. Certainly the tory governments of the past have been stronger. This one if the working class united could have this government on the run or defeated already if it wasnt for a slow and cautious labour movement cautious not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

It is clear to me that capitalists love their profits and their wealth and wish to hang on to it as best they can. As a result every capitalist is pitched against each other. So even among the 1 % there is competition and increased competition to hord more and more wealth for themselves. They dont really work together as a class like the workers can but they are united in the common thought that the working class must pay for any of their mistakes. Including the current deep economic crisis in 2011.

But my main point i want to get across to you the reader is that the bourgeois class is not as strong or as united as they'd like you to think they are weak and can be brought down and over thrown givven a fight. I am not saying they will give up easily at all but i'm saying they can be got at for certain and we must focus on their divisions and cracks in their armour to exploit and expose their system based on greed and more greed.

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