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Sunday, 20 November 2011

End the dictatorship of the market

The dictatorship of the markets has become a practical reality in Italy and Greece with the imposition of technocrats as Prime Minister in each country. This anti-democratic move is being portrayed as putting a ‘safe pair of hands’ in charge in each country. This is simply untrue. Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti, are the banking sector’s choice of leader rather than the people’s. Monti was an as advisor to Goldman Sachs until last weekend. Papademos was a former vice-president of the European Central Bank, and has publically been opposed to the write down of Greek banking debt as it would hurt the banking sector. These technocrats represent the interests of the banking sector and have been put in place to make sure that austerity is forced through so that the banks can be paid back their bad gambling debts at the expense of the working class in these countries and internationally.

you can watch Paul Murphy MEP of the socialist party in Ireland part of the CWI oppose these new technocratic governments in Greece and Italy when he speaks in the European Parliament. No one else is speaking up about this and how undemocratic imposing a government of bankers on a country. I feel it will only be a matter of time before people realise what is going on and fightback. As paul says in the clip we need a european wide fightback and a european wide struggle a general strike across europe even.

Where in the world 300 families control 40 % of the worlds wealth it is a hugely unfair system where the wealth of many is held in the hands of a few families and super rich elite.

You can even look back to last year in the UK where there was a period of negiotiating with the political class to decide who joins with who to form a government based on austerity. We did not vote for that government of lib dems and tories it was imposed on us so again you can say it is another government acting on the interest of the 1% and the city. We were told that the markets need political unity and not instability so a decision had to be come to.

At the moment the markets rule and the political elite bow down to their paymasters in the markets. It is a worrying sign that unelected governments are taking control in places like Italy and Greece. It is a dangerous route to start eroding democracy. Even what little democracy we had before.

It is time to end the dictatorship of the market and build a working class alternative. With mass workers parties dedicated to ending the rule of the market and putting peoples needs before profits. Ending the idea of greed and moving towards a new, farier, socialist society.

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  1. I am from Finland. I have read many things from internet sites only, which TV and newspapers don’t tell. Actually censorship in the mainstream media makes my country a dictatorship, ruled by the political and economic elite.

    Finland is a corrupt country. Nobody can have a public post without being a member of a political party. In Finland all high-ranking officials, who earn 5000 euros a month or more, are members of political parties.

    No one can criticize the elite in the mainstream media. Any one who criticizes leading politicians, will lose his or her job.

    Finland as well as neighboring Sweden and Norway are dictatorship countries.