Monday, 7 November 2011

Spirit of Jarrow march must be taken forward

As the fantastic historic recreation of the Jarrow March concludes last weekend the sense of solidarity and pride in the working class has grown in me than never before. The power that we have as a collective force can be realised and put into action .

The support the Jarrow marchers recieved from trade unions and trade union branch's up and down the country was outstanding but this cant just be the end. We must harness the spirit of the march and push the struggle forward.

I myself met the marchers last week in Luton, Hatfield and now just recently last weekend in London in Trafalgur square. The feeling of solidarity and togetherness was amazing i've never felt anything like it i have to say. The young people marching fora future programme of jobs and a free, decent education for socailly useful jobs and a end to the dreaded work scheme.

The next big event coming up is November the 9th. A national student demonstration marching to the city from all the different London universities. Aswell as teh fantastic Jarrow march it would be great to get a good turn out for this too. I cant make this demo myself but wish all those who are planning to go all the best and to stay safe.

But the youth who were involved in the Jarrow march and all those who came out to support the march should make sure they are visible on the November the 30th public sector general strike. It is important there is teh biggest unity of the working class on that day. If your teacher or university or college lectuer is striking join them on the picket lines and walk out in solidarity. We will not be divided lets show this rotten con-dem government that we are strong when we are united than when we give in to divide and rule.

The fact that the governments so called improved pensions offer still requires public sector workers to still work for longer, pay more and get less even still is a offer we simply have to refuse and urge all unions to stand firm and strike together . Mark Serwotka explained this very well on Channel 4 news last week. We need more union leaders like Mark to hold a strong arguement and destroy the myths this government and its media barrons are sending out.

But the feeling that the youth are our future must be taken up. They really are its a chance to let them show the way. That have lead the fightback right from the start.

Being the first group in society to come out in protest last winter with the amazing demonstrations against tuitian fees huge numbers of students who felt betrayed and badly let down by this con-dem government . I sense the same level of anger and frustration today if not more.

With almost a million young people b etween the ages of 16 and 24 out of a job and not in education or training. It is a outrage and a disgrace that this government can be wanting public sector workers to work for longer with a million youth unemployed. Its a contradiction in this capitalist system that they'd rather elder workers to work for longer than help young people into a job.

Their idea to turn workers against the youth will not work. The Jarrow marchers have shown a amazing determination to fightback and stand up to this government. Their slogan "we will not be a lost generation" sticks in my mind certainly that they mean what they say. I think we should pay tribute to these marchers who have got together and done something constructive instead of turning to crime and rioting.

Its time to get organised channel that anger into a organised fightback. Nothing in the world can stop the power of the organised working class when we unite and stand together. Lets encourage our unions and fellow trade unionists to get the biggest turn out possible for N30 and make this the start of a co-ordinated fightback on this government.

Let youth have a chance and dont ruin their chances before they even start!

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