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Friday, 4 November 2011

Join the fightback, come to socialism 2011 this weekend !

Whether you have been a socialist for many years or are new to socialist ideas, Socialism 2011 has something for you! The sessions are designed for beginners, those who have been around sometime, and anyone in-between - everyone will get something out of this event.

Following the Youth Fight for Jobs Jarrow March's finishing rally in Trafalgar Square, Socialism 2011 starts on Saturday 5 November. It is the opportunity to find the answer to today's big question: Capitalism has failed - but what do we replace it with?

After the first set of discussion sessions, the rally at Friends Meeting House in the evening will put into context the fight we have in Britain and around the world, in an upbeat and uplifting way. We can also party hard into the night at the Camden Centre, with a bar, live music and food at prices you can afford.

Sunday 6 November sees two more sessions for each of the courses, but it is up to you to choose, you can mix and match any of the topics that appeal to you - see the timetable below. Finally the closing rally will send off everyone with a determination to fight for a real future for younger and older people alike.

Book your ticket today!
Tickets: Weekend £30 (£15 concession), one day £15 (£8 concession), Rally for Socialism £5. Saturday accommodation and full crèche available. 020 8988 8777

Registration starts 2.30pm Saturday and 9am Sunday in Room 101 ULU, and 6pm Saturday at Friends Meeting House. All venues are fully wheelchair accessible and have hearing aid loops.

Socialist books
Socialist Books will have a huge range of titles on sale throughout the Socialism weekend, with many special offers. Don't miss a bargain!

Support struggle across the world
Can you donate to the Socialism 2011 appeal? It is vital that as much money as possible is collected by the Socialist Party to finance work not just in England and Wales but also internationally.

A proportion of the money raised will go to the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI - the socialist international to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) to assist the often difficult and ground-breaking work that our members are engaged in across the world.

In Greece unemployment has reached 25%. CWI members there, as with the rest of the working class, have been hit very hard by the austerity measures. But they are determinedly intervening with a programme to develop the struggles, bring down the government and end the cuts.

In Kazakhstan CWI members, leading the struggle against a barbaric regime which stoops to any method to crush dissent, are daily risking imprisonment and torture (see page 8).

A recent occupation of the tallest building in Taiwan, the Taipei tower, in protest at rising house prices and multinational companies like Carrefour, involved CWI members who attracted great interest in socialist ideas.

These are just three examples of work which would not be possible without the financial sacrifices of CWI members and supporters.

By making a donation to the Socialism 2011 appeal you can help the work of the CWI.

Can you give £5, £50 or £500? Can you ask other people to donate? Every donation will make a difference and all of it will go to building support for socialist ideas.

Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

Rallies: Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ
World in crisis - fight for socialism
Hosted by the Socialist

Saturday 5 November, 6.30-8.30pm
Speakers include: Peter Taaffe Socialist Party general secretary, Clare Daly Socialist Party MP in Irish parliament, Tunisian trade union activist, US occupy Wall Street activist and a Jarrow marcher

Build a movement to bring down the Con-Dems
Sunday 6 November, 3-4.30pm

hope to see as many of you there as possible

solidarity !

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