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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Its time we started saying what we are for and that is socialism

As socialists we are often accused of being against everything and for nothing. This is not quite true of course.
We are of course against much of what this capitalist system we live under has to offer which isnt much to be quite honest.

But as the occupation movement and big strikes are set for later this month the labour movement will face increasing pressure to offer an alternative as people will say its all very well saying what you are against its clear now but what do you stand for ?

Well as a democratic socialist, democratic as democracy has to be the blood and the oxygen that socialism needs to survive. Failiure for democracy to shine through will result in a breakdown in public trust and support.

I think we need to start making the link between as some have been doing the bankers greed, bonus culture and the capitalist system. Which is all linked in together of course. But as socialists and trade unionists we need to expose this further still. Highlight the contradictions in the system which i have been blogging about on this very blog. It will be key for us to produce a clear message that this system has failed and we need a debate and a discussion on what a decent alternative would be. An alternative to the free market ideas of unregulated capitalism.

It has quite clearly failed when the majority of workers are recieving pay cuts, job loss's and worsening in living standards as the rich are increasing their wealth. How can anyone in their right mind tell me that is a fair system ?

It isnt and that is becoming increasingly clear to more and more people as this crisis of capitalism develops and deepens. We are in a recession there is no two ways about it, we probably never even came out of it as most have seen their pay frozen or cut.

The working class has been squeezed battered and pushed from pillar to post. But its time to fight back and it has begun. We need to start describing a vision of the kind of society we wish to see. A socialist society where peoples needs are put before the greed for profits.

We need to start saying that the commanding heights of the economy the big business's that control the wealth the FTSE 100 and the banks and the energy companies for starters into public ownership under democratic workers control. With no boss's recieving huge bonus's ever again. With any money made by these industries to be put straight back into helping and developing society as a whole. To benifit the many not just the few.

It is time we had a discussion on what kind of system we wish to see replace capitalism as it is clear to me its time is up and it must be removed for the benifit of all and the planet we live on to survive.

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