Monday, 7 November 2011

My first socialism, 2011 a year of struggle

My first Socialism

Having been a member of the socialist party coming up for a year now. I’ve enjoyed and got a lot out of being in the party already. I have met some great comrades and helped out where I can. I’ve been involved in some great campaigns. Not least the Jarrow march organising for the Hertfordshire leg of the march.

This weekend was the climax of a fantastic historic march which recreated the original march in 1936. In much the same spirit of the original march the march of 2011 was excellent and helped to raise consciousness of the cuts being pushed through by this vicious con-dem government and its new labour collaborators.

I missed socialism last year as I was still in the process of joining the party but to any new or potential member socialism 2011 was the pinnacle of political debate discussion and ideas. For all who work so hard to put on such a fantastic event many thanks need to go to you. A superb social in the evening was preceded by an excellent uplifting rally with several standing ovations for the speakers. If I’m right in saying this is not a common thing at socialism. So it is testament to the feeling out there and a desire for leadership and direction that workers and visitors lapped it up. The atmosphere in the rally at Camden Friends meeting house was electric. Brilliantly chaired by Sarah Sachs-Eldridge who was inspirational herself having completed part of the Jarrow March earlier on in October.

The rally also saw Irish TD Clare Daly speak very well about the struggles of a country being hit hard by austerity in Ireland and how the government over there can find money for more bank bailouts but none for decent jobs and services for ordinary working people.
We also heard from Peter Taaffe who with his own unique brand of humour mixed with razor sharp political analysis detailed the current situation facing working people in Britain today. His woodpecker analogy for Ed Miliband and those inside the labour party who were pecking away at the hollow tree was very apt and was met with great laughter from the hall.

I could not make the Sunday sessions myself but I understand there were more excellent debates and discussions at ULU in London. The weekend long event was summed up with another rally on the Sunday afternoon with Coventry City councillor Dave Nellist who proudly stated he opposes all cuts and has stood by that and voted against all cuts as a elected representative of the socialist party. Dave noted that Labour hadn’t always been a rotten party and he himself was a Labour Mp in the 80’s along with Terry Fields who opposed cuts from the Tory government at the time headed by Margret Thatcher. Dave recounted the time he ripped up a Tory speech announcing cuts. When labour had principles good honest working class fighters like Dave were more common.
One of the biggest messages coming away from socialism 2011 was the lack of political representation for workers. With Labour pledging 6000 thousand pound tuition fees and slightly less cuts than the Tories the need for an alternative is greater than ever for socialists.

The standard of speech's was fantastic other speech's included one of the occupiers from London and Wall Street who had especially flown over. As socialists we will always defend the right to protest. Attempts by the media and police to break up the occupations at St Pauls has been met with strong resistance and has put pressure on the church to support the protesters aims. It was fascinating to listen to some of the occupiers and their experiences of being in occupation and the in's and out's of how it all works.

The event and the socialist party sent solidarity to all those who had been kettled taht night in parliament square who had marched from St Pauls to put their calls for a fairer society across to a wider population of people.

The whole weekend was full of really great discussion all very democratic of course. In the smaller meetings on different topics such as introducing Marxism, what role can the socialist party play in the anti cuts movement, The future for Libya , The arab spring and beyond and many many more were all opportunities for comrades to get involved and join in the debate.

As socialists we believe in the highest form of democracy and democracy must be the lifeline of a future socialist society.

I'd urge anyone who is interested in socialism and Marxism and would like to learn more do check out our party website at and join the fightback today!

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