Monday, 1 November 2010

A special thank you

I have met some great people online during my time on the internet in recent years. Some from all over the planet. This guy has left an impression on me and would just like to repay the favour for giving my blog some much needed exposure.

As you all know this blog recieves limited exposure and any it does get must be commended by those who do give it that.

on this page here :

i am still not sure of the guys name but the second blog down he gives me a lovely glowing reference to myself and this blog. I have a lot of respect for this man and his blog. His vision for the future is a hope and one day hopefully a reality. I have learnt a lot from him already. I am learning more and more ab out socialism as weeks go by. I would say i now sit on the left of the labour party movement now and look on at the condem government with trepedation. I am becoming increasingly ressistant to t hese cuts they are putting through. My latest gripe is with the London fire brigade and their threat to sack their workers if they do not sign up to these new contracts. Which change their hours significantly.

Anyway more on that dispute another time. I just wanted to thank the socialist way himself for his touching post on me and giving my blog some exposure.

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