Monday, 7 February 2011

disabled people join TUC march against the cuts, march 26th, join us

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Join us to protest on March 26th, London.

The main TUC march will assemble at Victoria Embankment, 11am to march to a rally in Hyde Park. We are still finalising arrangements of where we can meet beforehand and about a static protest for those unable to march to Hyde Park.

Disabled people are facing continuing attacks against their lives, living standards and basic human rights to live independently from almost every conceivable quarter and it is time for us to fight back against these cuts. Many disabled people are living in fear on a daily basis not knowing when or if their benefits and care funding will be slashed and whether they will be left to rot in their own homes without the support they need to live any sort of meaningful life.

These savage spending cuts damage not only our lives, but our public services, and threaten economic recovery. They're dangerous, unfair and unnecessary.

There are fair alternatives - a Robin Hood tax on the banks, end tax evasion, policies for jobs and green growth, scrap Trident replacement.

We're going to march to tell the government we demand “Rights not Charity” and to show we are not easy victims of their cuts even though they may think we are.

For information about transport to the march (some trains may be accessible) go to Transport information will be regularly updated here.

To join our events page!/event.php?eid=122497767819841&index=1

For more information email , ( underscore) 0771 492 7533, or


  1. Couldn't agree more!! Will link on my site.

  2. Slight problem with this as the DWP have restricted my INTERNET use and advised about not going out as you will be classed as fit for work so i have been warned
    It doesn't realty apply to me tho as not being well i only go out once a week anyhow but i got the message loud and clear so if anyone is heading out to whatever you had better be careful as the DWP will be there with you

  3. hi that is awful, if that is the case and they are monitoring if your going on protests and deciding your claiment on that basis, that is not fair at all. they dont know the real situation out there and sounds like they are just trying to catch us out. its horrible. best of luck and hope you can still get your voice heard.

  4. Thanks mark
    I wont be going anywhere firstly I'm not well enough and with the DWP on my doorstep that and them taking £53 per week extra i was getting for my wife who works 15 hours a week and who is my carer and am to down to go anywhere and if i did go out would probably be to somewhere that sells rope