Monday, 7 February 2011

spending cuts put tories "big society at risk"

The government's spending cuts are "destroying" volunteering and undermining its "big society" vision, the head of a leading charity has said.

Dame Elisabeth Hoodless, who is retiring from the Community Service Volunteers (CSV) after 36 years, said there was no "strategic plan".

She told the Times the "massive" council cuts would make it harder for people to do more in their communities.

Ministers insist they are creating new sources of funds for voluntary groups.

The government has said it will be investing £470m over the next four years in charities and voluntary groups to give them independence from state money.

But Dame Elisabeth told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The cuts that are being imposed on local government and the health service are taking place now.

"So there are a lot of very worthwhile programmes - for example volunteers working in child protection as promoted by the minister for children - which are now under threat of closure."

This must be all very worrying for Mr Cameron who seems to strongly believe in this big society rubbish he seems to spurt alot. Does anyone actually truely know what it means really ?

Lets face facts the article above from the BBC excellently outlines how this cannot work and will turn out to be a big fad. People who have jobs cannot give up their time to volunteer where public services have been taken away. Its a con and a smokescreen to mask the fact key local public services are being scrapped or sold off. I have seen through this idea right from the start. Now spending cuts are starting to hit so is everybody else. I would love to see a survey of how many people understand what the "big society" is and if they are in favour of it ?. The fact of the matter as the article above also explains the charitable sector and voluntary sector often called the 3rd sector have been covering a lot of what this "big society" is meant to be for years. organisations like the Citizens advice bureau. have been offering these services for years and years. Why put these excellent organisations at risk by cutting their funding and then say we still want the services but you'll have to find the money from somewhere else. Where do David Cameron and his pals down at Tory HQ expect these charities to find the money from in this day and age ?

Hugely out of touch i might suggest.

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