Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Why the student movement isnt dead

Reading Sunny hundles pice on liberal conspiracy http://liberalconspiracy.org/2011/02/08/why-the-student-movement-in-england-is-essentially-dead/ you'd be forgiven the youth and students have given up the fight. Maybe that's waht some want ? to say i told you so i dont know.

But i do not feel this movement is dead at all. Yes it has faced some big blows by the abolishment of EMA going throug hand trebling of tuitian fees. But there are still lots of fight and battles ahead. We will do well to remember the poll tax got pushed back even once it was made law so there is always hope where there is a will for the fight.

I personally feel the trades unions need to invigerate the students and bring them on board. Of course the NUS will not do anything now. They are too focused on electing its next careerist leader. Aaron Porter who has betrayed his members and all students by failing to act and even he admitted dithering about when it comes to actingg. He simply must go he has failed and nedds replacing by someone with a stronger will and mind for the battles ahead.

With the opporaching demo on march 26th in London called by the TUC. Students must be at the fore front of this demo. Whilst non students attended the demo's for tuitian fees likewise students should show solidarity to come on the mass march 26th demo.

Students and young people as we well know do not enjoy sitting in endless meetings and dull discussions like us. They want to get out there and do something. TO feel apart of something.

The way we can do this is by involving them in local campaigns. If a local anti cuts group have a lobby of their local council when the budget is being set locally. Why not invite a load of students along allow them to shout and chant at the councillors let them vent their anger locally too. We discussed this last night. Linking up anti cuts movement and student one. It can bbe doen just needs some thinking about. The NSSN anti cuts body needs to incorperate students too and if any local anti cuts unions are set up. One is being set up locally to me in Stevenage for example i feel rightly so that a youth/student should be on its committee stearing the direction of the campaign locally and organising for big mass demo's nationally. Young people should have a big say in where this movement goes as ultimatly they will be the ones benifiting from it if we are successful.

This is the fight of our lives. To save public services and often peoples lives if crucial support is cut to disabled and mentally ill people in this country.

Students must not be left out of any movement or decision. But they do need to be active and feel involved. If their own union wont do this, NUS, then the wider trades union movement should bring them on board and teach them the ways.

The student movement is not dead it just needs a injection of belief and c onfidence which to be honest we all need. This will come wit ha successful TUC demo on march 26th. This demo could really shake the government if big and loud enough. we hope to have hundreds of thousands and maybe millions on the streets of London that day. Put the fear of god into those con-dems. Make them realise ordinary working people will not just stand by and watch their public services get destroyed. If we dont stand and fight now, we never will and the tories will clean up.

It is crucial that the TUC demo on march 26 has a message. I believe strongly that a threat to government of mass co-ordinated strike action should be seriously threatening to teh government. We have to mean it though. We cant go with empty threats and pull out wimpering back home. We have got to be serious about this. Start by threatening a full one day mass general strike in the public sector then if cuts carry on escalate the pressure with further cleverly orchestrated strike action.

This will get the tories and probably even Ed miliband running around panicing. Thinking oh god what are we going to do. Lets condem this strike before its even happened and call it irresponsible for wanting to protect working peoples jobs. Oh no we cant have that can we.

I can see Ed miliband being trapped if this happens as he will not know where to turn. Condem the strikes and sell out his own movement backed by unions who voted him in. Or join with us working people and stand for his principles. Whilst getting a hammering in the national press. I think its about time we stopped listening to what the media out there are saying and do waht's right aand protect workers jobs and lives.

The students will play a big part in all of this i feel lets get them involved and active more.

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