Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The EDL mass protest in Luton this saturday

So as this weekend draws closer to the 5th of Febuary thoughts start turning to this saturdays mass demonstration in Luton where the EDL - the English Defence League a hugely right wing extremist group who are very racist are collaborating together in Luton to protest about the influx of asian and muslims into this country. I and other comrades were set to attend this demo this weekend as a counter protest to this protest to show the people of luton they are part of our thoughts and we stand side by side with them in terms of driving out this horrible sick racial tension the EDL love to whip up in areas like this.

As part of the counter protest

Antifascists have organised transport to the demo from more than 40 towns and cities around the country.

Sadly, however, the police have given St George’s Square in Luton to the EDL as an assembly point, and have allocated us Park Square by the town centre and university.

UAF is shocked and angry that the police have overridden representations by the town’s MPs, councillors and community groups and trade unions.

But to ensure everyone’s safety we have agreed to hold our rally in Park Square, where will be speeches and live music. A new leaflet is now available for download.

We will now assemble at 12 noon on Saturday 5 February, in Park Square, Luton town centre. UAF is also supporting the mobilistaion to defend Bury Park, the area where many members of Luton’s Muslim community live.

The UAF if you werent aware is the Unite against fascism group set up to campaign against groups like the EDL who seem to feel the need to stir up racial hatrid in our country and other western worlds.

There is a scarey sweap of right wing governments popping up across Europe be it from Austria to Sweden the trend is worrying and the balance does need to be addresssed.

I as you may or may not know am very anti racist and will stand up against it whenevera nd wherever i can. I find it sub human and totally offensive even when i recieve racist jokes. i do not find them the least bit funny and only add to people like the evil EDL and the BNP's claims that racism is something we all area nd can all tolerate. Not true some of us have our skin crawling at the thought we canta ll live together in peace and harmony and become a multi cultural society like we can.

So as i cant make this protest this weekend as i've been advised to give it a miss due to the unpredictable nature of the protest and the EDL could just kick off at any moment i will be watching proceedings closely from home. But i will be no less interested in events in Luton and to other comrades i know attending. This is a major event in our area and something major attention and the right attention showing these low lifes up for who and waht they are.

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