Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The shameful treatment of RAF pilots being sacked by email

Our fine service men and women do deserve a lot better than this i feel.
This i find quite shocking and verhy slap dash approach to saving money in the defences. I feel as a organisation that has always held itself in high esteem and upholds a traditional and long standing way of doing things.

For the RAF to be quick, rash and uncareful about these redundancies smacks of a bit of panic a little like a fire sale. This article below doesnt say if it was a decision they had to come to quickly therefore a rushed move.

I do think questions need to be asked here if this was the right move and if this could have been carried out in a more respectful manner. Of course i always take waht the Sun has to say but if it is true some pilots were sent these emails while in duty in Iraq. I wouldnt be so sure this is true. Its probably just another sensational sun story but the actual story is quite disapointing way to treat our own men and women on the front line in battle for their country. Wherever you agree with them being there in the first place or not, there is a way to treat people.

Here is the news article if your interested.

the Ministry of Defence and the Army have apologised for "causing distress" after 38 soldiers - including one serving in Afghanistan - were sacked by email.
News of the blunder comes a day after it was revealed a quarter of the RAF's trainee pilots will not get a job in the service due to Government spending cuts.

The warrant officers who were dismissed by email were told it was because the Army also needed to make savings.

The message to the men read: "I write to notify you that with regret, I must issue you with 12 months' Notice of Termination.

"As I'm sure you are aware the Army has to make significant cutbacks and we... are expected to play our part in reductions."

The 38 warrant officers - the highest non-commissioned rank - all have at least 20 years' service and continue in the Army on a rolling contract.

However, The Sun claimed one of the veteran soldiers received the bad news while on the front line in Afghanistan.

An Army spokesperson said: "We apologise for the distress that this will have caused.

All the men have at least 20 years' service with the British Army

"Commanding officers have now spoken the soldiers concerned to ensure that they receive all necessary advice and support."

The MoD has been quick to point out this was not a mistake on the part of civil servants or ministers - but a mistake in terms of sequencing made by the Army.

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